Guide to Magical Amarante, Portugal

Ponte Sao Gonzalo Amarante Portugal

Most travellers will fly into Porto of Lisbon and do a whistle stop tour of the main sites in those two main cities. But although they are stunning destinations, you will miss out on the traditional and local vibe of small and magical Portuguese towns such as Amarante if you don’t head out of the … Read more

The colourful city of Loule in the Algarve

The colourful city of Loule in the Algarve

You may not have heard of Loule in the Algarve, as it is a smaller city more inland than most of the popular coastal resorts including Quarteira and Lagos. But it’s a totally underrated Portuguese destination. You will find Loule to be a relaxing weekend away. If a good local market, beautiful architecture and a … Read more

Restaurants in Ericeira

Restaurants in Ericeira

Ericeira is a charming little fishing town that hasn’t been subjected to mass tourism like other parts of Portugal. As such, it has a lovely authentic Portuguese charm. Given its location, it has many incredible seafood restaurants all providing good value for money. There are very few global fast-food chains to be found here, it’s … Read more

The Best Bars in Braga

bars in Braga

I love Braga! The city is full of history including the amazing Santuário do Bom Jesus do Monte and the opulent baroque organ of Braga Cathedral. But Braga is also a popular student city, and along with students come the bars! Here are some of the best bars in Braga that I love to have … Read more

7 Amazing Algarve Castles

Algarve castles Castro Marim

The Algarve is famous for its sandy beaches, picturesque old towns and delicious Seafood. But there are also some amazing Algarve castles including Loule Castle, Silves Castle and Castro Marim. Did you know that some of the castles of the Algarve actually pre-date the Moorish occupation in Portugal (8th-15th Centuries). Here are my top 7 … Read more

Best Neighbourhoods in Porto Portugal

This week I’m in the fabulous city of Porto – one of my favourite places in Portugal. The cobbled streets, friendly locals and excellent Port make it a destination that’s hard to beat! But if you’re looking to stay here – or even rent or buy – where is the best location? What are the … Read more

10 Amazing Palaces in Portugal

In this blog, we will be talking about 10 amazing palaces in Portugal. Most of these palaces are now listed as monuments and seeing them is essential due to their impressive architecture, intriguing interiors, and numerous surprises and quirks. Top 10 Palaces in Portugal Ajuda Palace, Lisbon North of the Jeronimos Monastery in Belem, Lisbon, … Read more

A Visit to Loule Market

Loule market

If you are staying in the beautiful colourful city of Loule then don’t miss Loule Market – one of the highlights of this inland Algarvian town. Loule is actually small enough to feel like a town, but it does have a Church, Castle and the Mercado (traditional Portuguese market). I totally love the relaxing vibe … Read more