Why Learn Portuguese?

Why Learn Portuguese

Brazilian culture is so closely associated with Portuguese language that Brazilians are sometimes called “Portuguese”, and the country itself is often referred as a prolongation of Portugal. Recently, it has asserted its national language (Portuguese), but it can still be said that some Brazilian expressions have their roots in the language of Camões. But, why … Read more

Duolingo Diamond League

Duolingo Leagues and How they Work

Duolingo is a revolutionary language-learning platform that has taken the world by storm. Millions of students use Duolingo on a daily basis to learn languages, and it continuously monitors their progress in order to offer them tailored lessons. If you are looking for an exciting way to learn a new language, look no further than … Read more

The Portuguese Language

The Portuguese Language

The Portuguese language (português) is the official language of Portugal. The Portuguese language is spoken by almost all of the population of Portugal. In official situations, such as press releases and government office communications, an International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) version of the Portuguese language may be used instead. Portuguese pronunciation differs from a few standard … Read more

Is Portugese Hard to Learn?

Is Portugese Hard to Learn

Portugese is the sixth most spoken language in the world, being the most common language in nine different countries. Learning Portugese is something that will benefit you in your move to Portugal, or even for your holidays, even more so considering it is the second fastest growing language in the world, English being the top. … Read more

Portuguese Duolingo Review

Portuguese Duolingo Review

If you are looking for a free (or cheap) and easy way to learn Portuguese I highly recommend Portuguese Duolingo. You can download this app for free onto your smartphone. The basic plan is free to use, but you can upgrade to PLUS if you would like certain benefits such as more lives and less … Read more