Duolingo Diamond League

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Duolingo is a revolutionary language-learning platform that has taken the world by storm. Millions of students use Duolingo on a daily basis to learn languages, and it continuously monitors their progress in order to offer them tailored lessons. If you are looking for an exciting way to learn a new language, look no further than Duolingo. And if you have managed to progress through every level on the platform, welcome to the Duolingo Diamond league!

If you want to get to the Duolingo diamond league you will need to have progressed through all of the following Duolingo leagues:

Bronze, Silver, Gold, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Amethyst, Pearl, Obsidian and Diamond.

So, what is the Duolingo Diamond league?

If you have made it to the diamond league then you are in the top league on duolingo and you are competing against the best and most dedicated language learners on the platform. Competing against others is extremely motivating and keeps you on your toes!

Once you make it to the diamond league, there is no further promotion, because you have made it to the top league. Only the bottom 3 people in diamond are demoted. So the goal is really to maintain.

BUT you will want to get to number 1 in the Diamond league at some point, to win that much coveted Number 1 in Diamond League ‘Legendary Trophy!’

I won the Diamond League with 1781 XP!

I am so chuffed with myself for recently finishing number 1 in the Diamond League with 1781 XP on my Portuguese Duolingo. Now, it was a tough slog, and I went through about 7 rounds in the Diamond league before I actually won! This happened on my 121 day streak and when I had reached unit 5.

You will be pleased to know that I have a few tricks up my sleeve and I am happy to share them! I’d like to give a shoutout to my fellow travel blogger friend Joanne Amos who helped me to get to number 1!

Number 1 Duolingo Diamond League

How to get to Number 1 in the Duolingo Diamond League

1. Join the League Late in the Day (or Week)!

This is a bit of a sneaky cheat, but if you join the league later in the day you will be up against the lazier diamond leaguers rather than the hardcore posse! I was joining the diamond league early in the day by starting lessons in the morning, and people were literally over 2000 XP in the first day or two! I though it was going to be almost impossible to even get in the top 3.

Then I started joining later on at night – round 10.30pm or 11pm and I found it was less competitive. I won the diamond league with less than 2000XP by starting at around 10.45pm.

Anyway, I heard of other people joining the league even later in the week – joining on a Wednesday even. This would avoid being in the league with crazy people who do Duolingo like it’s their job! BUT if you delay and miss a day or two then make sure that you have a few ‘streak freezes’ up your sleeve, otherwise you would be gutted if you lose your streak!

2. Work through the Stories

Once you get further down in the stories you can get stories for 28XP each. The stories are quite quick and fun to do. They will introduce you to new vocabulary and have less questions to answer than lessons, and so stories are an easy win. 4 stories from set 14 onwards gets you over 100XP!

Duolingo Stories

3. Brush up to ‘Legendary’

When you reach around Unit 5 and a certain number of crowns (I had 192) you will at some point release a whole new Duolingo look and the opportunity to go ‘legendary’ on your units. Thought you had reached the best in each unit when all the circles were gold? WRONG!

When you release your whole new legendary look you can make all your previous gold circles purple if you pass legendary level. This is tough to achieve because there are no hints AND you are working against the clock. BUT remember that it is all stuff you have learned previously and so you can complete this level very quickly and it’s double the points (20XP for each legendary lesson rather than 10XP).

Duolingo Diamond League go Legendary

As an extra top tip, level up in another lesson and it will offer you ‘Double XP for the next 15 minutes’. Return to legendary level ups on previous gold circles and you will have double double XP! Usual legendary XP is 20 and so you can double this and get 40XP per lesson! You will be able to plough through these and get hundreds of XP within a short 15 minute Duolingo session!

I remember being totally baffled about how someone was getting XP so quickly and then I realised that this was what they were doing!

4. Fix your Broken Hearts

Fixing broken hearts is a good way to get your XP up and practice previous mistakes. You find them in the top right above your daily XP record. For every 10 mistakes that you correct you will be rewarded with 20XP. And you will generally work through these quicker because you have experienced these sentences before.

5. Set your XP Target higher

Did you know that you can alter your XP target for motivation? Click on Duolingo plus icon in the top right. Then click on the cog for settings. You should then see ‘Edit Daily Goal’. The standard daily goal is usually a standard 24XP. So if you want to progress more quickly and motivate yourself more set this higher – 40XP or above. Make sure that it’s achievable within your daily schedule though otherwise if you set your daily goal too high it can have the opposite effect and be de-motivating.

How did you do in the Duolingo Diamond League?

How did you get on in the Duolingo Diamond League? How long did it take you to finish #1? I’m also interested to hear how many XP you finished #1 with? Perhaps you have some additional Duolingo tips that I have not mentioned in my article? I’d love to hear from you – please comment on my blog below and let me know.

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6 thoughts on “Duolingo Diamond League”

  1. (1 no 1 with a shade under 800pts).

    I don’t understand the league’s. If there are millions of users I do not understand 10 leagues (total 300 users).

    I noticed another in “my” diamond League – disappeared after a couple of weeks (they always scored a bit more than me – so where have they gone? )

    Are there many many diamond leagues?

    • Yes there are many Diamond leagues Dave – when one fills up, another one is started! So if you and a friend are both in the diamond league and one of you joins at 9am and the other at 11am you probably will be in different groups! That’s why it’s sometimes a good idea to wait until later in the day to start because then you might end up in a ‘less competitive’ Diamond league! Hope that makes sense!

  2. I joined diamond league at 10pm on Monday. I was in a league with Pepeto, and Luz. Pepeto already had 400XP. From looking at his/her/its profile Monday’s score was in fact 1044. Today Thursday I am in fourth place with 1857xp. Pepeto has 5044. Your theory has not worked for me.

    • They are probably doing duolingo legendary lessons worth 40XP per go Roger. Also it depends on who you get in your league on that day!

  3. I joined late as I was advised and even though it was just the ruby league, it was the toughest competition so far. I won with putting a 2000xp gap between me and the next guy so it was 6900,4800,3300. The 4th dude had a mere 600. I think joining later in the week is an even better advice..


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