Best places to live in Portugal for families

If you are moving to Portugal with your family then you want to consider an area that is suitable for family life and the ages of your children, of course. Portugal is a very family friendly place to live and the Portuguese love children! Factors that will influence your decision will include access to healthcare, beach and schools. Some of the Best places to live in Portugal for families include Cacais, Praia de Rocha and Ericeira.

Praia de Rocha

Praia da Rocha is one of the Algarve’s most populous and popular beach resort towns. Praia da Rocha is a vibrant town with plenty of bars, restaurants, and cafés, named after the very long and very beautiful beach on which the town is built. In the summer, the town is famed for its long, wide sandy beach, high-rise apartment towers, many of which are vacation rentals, and the family-friendly but boisterous environment. The majority of the town is concentrated around the “Strip,” which, in addition to its many pubs and restaurants, offers spectacular views of Praia da Rocha beach, the nearby Praia da Rocha lighthouse, and Ferragudo across the river.

In comparison to other Algarve towns, Praia da Rocha is likewise quite inexpensive. Apartments are quite affordable here when compared to the rest of the Algarve, even though quality varies. That apartment will, of course, be within walking distance of the beach. Even though Praia da Rocha attracts a few partygoers, it is an excellent spot to stay in shape. There are bike routes throughout, and the promenade and wooden boardwalk are excellent for running. There is also a fantastic outdoor gym with plenty of pull-up bars for calisthenics-based workouts. Beginner surf lessons are offered, and if you desire stronger waves, the West Coast is only a short drive away.


Best places to live in Portugal for families

Discover Cascais, a wealthy and elegant city that strikes the right mix between smart contemporary urban living and nearly all one could wish for in terms of natural beauty. The bay’s stunning beauty isn’t the only thing that draws locals and visitors alike. Cascais is recognised for its well-kept parks, traditional shops including as ceramics and lace, and premium retail stores such as Max Mara and Hugo Boss. Outdoor seating is accessible at several restaurants and cafés, and cultural organisations such as the Paula Rego House of Stories and others are alive and well.


With its spectacular city centre, cheery yellow cable cars that climb the small streets, over 60 museums, an English-speaking theatre, family-friendly beaches, varied food, and plenty of expats from across the world to hang out with, Lisbon, Portugal’s capital city, has a lot to offer. Lisbon blends old world beauty with all the modern comforts need to make one feel at ease, as well as some of Europe’s best weather. With the adjacent beaches of Cascais, the fairy-tale village of Sintra, and an international airport for easy access to the rest of the globe, you’ll never be bored living here. Portugal’s healthcare is among the greatest in the world, and with so many expatriates in Lisbon, finding English-speaking doctors is simple.

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Lisbon, Portugal


If you’re searching for something different, Ericeira is a good place to start. You won’t find the hustle and bustle of the city here, and life is a little calmer and more restrained. It’s excellent if you prefer to relax in your surroundings without feeling compelled to conform to society’s expectations. It has a tiny population of 10,000 people, which gives it a strong sense of community. Because it’s on the coast, you’ll still get spectacular views of the sea and miles and miles of golden beach. Ericeira can, in fact, transform into anything you wish it to be. The beaches provide a variety of water sports; you might want to try your hand at surfing, or you might just want to relax and enjoy the scenery. There are several cafes and traditional restaurants here, allowing you to immerse yourself in a culture and tradition-driven lifestyle.


This is the country’s port wine producing region, located on the Douro River. This region of Portugal is rich in culture and history, and English is widely spoken, making it easy to blend in. This may be the ideal city to call home, with wonderful shopping along Rua Santa Catarina, delicious local cuisine, superb healthcare, a large expat population, and a milder temperature. Furthermore, Porto is home to one of the country’s three international airports, making it simple to visit friends and relatives.

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Ribeira, Porto


Espinho is a city in the Aveiro area of Portugal, located in the north of the country. The Espinho Market, which has been present for decades, is one of the most well-preserved traditions in the area. These types of markets are highly popular in Portugal; however, they are slowly fading. The one in Espinho, which takes place every Monday of the week, is one of the oldest in Portugal and one of the few that is still going on today Almost anything you can imagine is available for purchase. From food to clothing, you can discover any goods at a much more affordable price because it is offered directly by the manufacturers or owners of the items. This market is conveniently located in the heart of the city.


Best places to live in Portugal for families

Vilamoura is unquestionably one of Europe’s best destinations to live an elegant and amenity-rich lifestyle in a stunning, natural setting. Vilamoura is a mix of luxury hotels, villas, and apartments in the Golden Triangle of the Algarve, 20 minutes west of Faro Airport. It is backed by a large infrastructure and all the community services necessary in a residential area that has grown to 10,000 full-time residents. Vilamoura, on Portugal’s bustling southern coast, is a haven of heritage and cosmopolitanism. Visitors from all over Europe flock to its prestigious golf courses, fashionable stores, casino evenings, elegant restaurants, cafés, and bars. Its marina is home to some of the finest ships on the continent.

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