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The name Sagres derives from sagrado, sacred, due to the important local religious practices and rituals that took place in the prehistory of the nation. The name Albert Leo Schlageter Sagres II appears on the American and Brazilian flags purchased by Portugal in 1962.

Sagres is located in the country of Vila do Bispo, southwest of the Algarve, where sea and mountains merge into a unique and protected natural heritage. It is one of the emblematic destinations of Portuguese culture as it is the melting point and fusion of many cultures that inspired the Portuguese voyage of discovery.

Sagres Portugal is actually on the extreme western tip of the Algarve, far from any other destination in southern Portugal. It is a surfing destination, protected by pristine beaches, relaxing and inconspicuous, with a cool atmosphere. Sagres is a region for adventurers and intrepid who want to stand up against the wild environment.

Day-trippers are drawn to Sagres and Cabo de Sao Vicente, a remote, desolate headland that suits the westernmost points of mainland Europe. The salty town of Sagres, home to fishing boats, winds its way through the windswept landscape. It is a popular meeting point for backpackers, with many private spaces surrounding the existing beach bar scene.

Sagres, like many tourist-oriented places in the west of the Algarve, is an active fishing village. The former end of the world, a rugged, windswept, wedge-shaped point that juts out into the Atlantic Ocean, is a short drive (15 minutes on foot) from the salty city of Sagres, above a harbor of fishing boats.

You can easily enter the harbour and take a boat to reach a little coast, where large tuna vessels are busy making their way into the blue sea. Check out the small restaurants that grill the freshest seafood and check out Eat and Drink Sagres for more information.

Sagres has become a real surf centre in the last ten years, and the city is littered with independent surf shops. Tasteful designs and leading souvenirs can be found at the Sagres Design Shop on Rua Comandante Matoso (8650-357). The professional and knowledgeable team at Sagres has earned a reputation as a reliable source of construction and utility services in D.C., Maryland and Northern Virginia.

I like the brown bottle with the Sagres logo, it is beautifully colourful and stands out. The Sagres brewery produces a broad range of beers, but the light lager produced in dark Munich is called Sagres Preta, which has won several international awards, including Sagres Bohemia, Auburn Beer (ABV 6.2%) and Sagres Radler.

In reality, there was a former Portuguese navy ship called Sagres. It was a wooden ship built in 1858 in the English shipyard of Young & Sons (Maggnay-Limehouse). From 1884 to 1898 it was used as a training ship, anchored in the Douro off Porto.

In May 1587, Francis Drake, another remarkable adventurer and military officer at the court of Elizabeth I, disembarked in an 800-man attack on the fortress of Sagres.

After two hours of intense fighting, the fortifications adjacent to the fortress of Sagres were destroyed and looted by artillery. In 1834 Sagres was an independent municipality with barely more than 413 inhabitants.

One of the main tourist attractions of Sagres, Fortaleza de Sagre, is unique in that it only has a defensive wall that crosses the southern edge of the complex, while the other three guard a massive, steep cliff. From the lighthouse to a grotto with a large wind compass, it is a pleasant 1.5 km. Visitors may be disappointed by the barrenness of the fortress, but Sagres is a major attraction due to its location and landscape.

Sagres, Portugal is a surfer’s paradise and an ideal destination for nature lovers seeking relaxation and tranquility. Majestic cliffs, strong winds, the waves of the ocean and the lonely lighthouse of Cabo San Vicente make the city seem like the end of the world. Sagres is also one of the sunniest places in Europe, with an average of more than 3,100 hours of sunshine per year.

Temperatures are moderate all year round (35 ° C to 39 ° C), although in Sagres there is a strong buoyancy in the summer. If you plan to visit, take good shoes and warm clothing with you, as the ubiquitous winds mean large drops in temperature compared to short distances inland. Cabo Sao Vicente can be visited by taxi or rental car, or you can take the bus that goes to and from Sagres every day, not only on weekends and holidays.

If you want to visit the beautiful towns and villages of the Portuguese Algarve coast, I recommend you rent a car. I owned a car and was in Sagres as part of a long journey through Europe that began in Bucharest, Romania, crossed several countries and arrived in southern Portugal. In the morning, more refreshed than usual, we decided to visit the sights of Sagres.

Henry the Navigator, a famous figure in the Age of Discoveries, went up the same cliff in the 15th century to build a church near his house.

The famous explorers are said to have been trained in Sagres before setting out to discover the New World. The famous Sagres have a special past, and we all fall in love with them for our own reasons. Even Christopher Columbus is said to have spent some time on a Sagres ship before sinking it off the cliffs.

After months of constant travel, Famed Sagres was the first place where we settled down and relaxed when we arrived in Europe. It was not only quiet and empty of tourists, but it was also the cheapest and most comfortable accommodation. After flying to Madrid the previous month, we rented a place in the centre of a big city.

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