Terceira Azores Island

Terceira Azores is an island in the Azores, in the eastern part of the Atlantic ocean.
There is plenty of history in terceira Azores but there is also great natural beauty as well. It may just be an island, but there are plenty of things for people to do and see while they are visiting or living here so make sure that you take some time out of your busy schedule and go out to enjoy the stunning scenery the island has to offer.

The island is named after the three crags that it has. The Carrões (great crags) are located in the north, the Faial-a montanha (mountain of Faial) and the Famosa (famous crags) in the south.

Terceira has a lot of historical and natural attractions. Some of them including the famous Abraão Fort, Mécia Fort, the Fornos de Espada on Caldeirão de Cima (the highest point in Azores), the Moinho da Carvão and many others.

The island is also home to some castles like Castelo do Pico and Castelo dos Moelas as well as the ruins of Funchal Castle.

There are many parks and gardens to enjoy several species of flora and fauna in terceira Azores. Some of them are Serra de Santa Catarina, Parque Florestal, Parque Florestal de Abraão, Parque Provincial do Faial and the Parque Municipal do Meco.

The island is also home to many animal species such as the mongoose and capivara, among others.

One of the most popular points in terceira Azores is its beaches. The weather and climate makes some of the beaches great to enjoy nature and relax.

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