Reasons to Move to Portugal

Move to Portugal

I totally adore living in Portugal. My original plan was to go to Spain to start my new life there, but the taxes and bureaucracy seemed hard to navigate even with two years of Spanish studies under my belt. At the last minute before BREXIT I decided to take the leap and make the move … Read more

Getting my Utente Number in Portugal

Utente Centro de Saude

One of the important things to do when you move to Portugal is get your Utente number which is the number that entitles you to access the Portuguese NHS, or Servico Nacional de Saude, SNS. If you have residency, that is the main criteria for accessing this and getting a ‘Utente Number’ which is the … Read more

NIF Number Portugal

NIF Number Portugal

If you are planning on buying property in Portugal or moving to Portugal then you will now that you need and NIF number to do practically anything. Today is blog explores what an NIF number is, when you need it and how to get one.  What is an NIF number? An NIF number is the … Read more

How to get from Faro airport to Albufeira

Faro Airport to Albufeira

Albufeira is an extremely popular area with the Brits. And with fabulous beaches and nightlife who can blame them for loving it so much! Many of you often ask, ‘How to get from Faro airport to Albufeira?’ The closest airport to Albufeira is Faro which about 45km West along the coast. The quickest way to get … Read more

Moving to Portugal Checklist

relocating to Portugal

If you are relocating to Portugal you will need to think about the paperwork as well as the packing! I decided to do it step by step – I went over from the UK to get my NIF number and residency. Then I came back to the UK for Christmas and to get all of … Read more