NIF Number Portugal

If you are planning on buying property in Portugal or moving to Portugal then you will now that you need and NIF number to do practically anything. Today is blog explores what an NIF number is, when you need it and how to get one. 

What is an NIF number?

An NIF number is the ‘Número de Identificação Fiscal or Número de Contribuinte’ or fiscal number. Every Portuguese resident Will have one of these and also expats and foreigners who buy property in Portugal Will have an’NIF’.

NIF – Why do I need one?

You cannot open a bank account all by a Portuguese property without NIF number. You need and NAS number to conduct any kind of transaction in Portugal which will include Setting up a phone contract, buying a property, renting a property and setting up utilities. In fact you can’t even go shopping without being asked for it at till! They were ask you for your Contribuinte at supermarkets and shopping tales. 

As well as for tax purposes it is also away to track that you are spending time in the country. This is particularly important for those of us applying for residency or citizenship.

NIF number Portugal – Can I get one as a UK Resident?

Yes it is possible to get an NIF Number as a UK resident. This is because people who live in a different country may want to do business in Portugal or buy a Property there. You would simply provide proof of your UK address when you apply.

How do I get an NIF Number?

It is straightforward to get an NIF number. You need to turn up at your local Financas with ID and proof of address. They should issue you your NIF number for free and you do not need a representative, you can do it in person.

However, it has become increasingly difficult to get an NIF over recent months which has been compounded by Coronavirus plus Brexit. I was lucky and managed to get one by email before I arrived in Lisbon. But many people are being told to get a tax representative or that you can only obtain your NIF number if you have a pre-booked appointment at the Financas. It’s best to email in advance if you can to book. You need to find out the Financas in your area and email the nearest one.

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