CRUE Portugal – What it is and How to Get it

You’ve heard of the CRUE Portugal issues to EU residents and are probably wanting to know exactly what it is and how to get it. Well the CRUE is one of the most important documents you will hold as an Expat in Portugal if you are an EU passport holder.

What is CRUE and what does CRUE Stand for?

Well, the CRUE is the Certificado de Registo de Cidadão da União Europeia (or CRUE for short). If you are an EU citizen, this is your avenue to getting residency in Portugal for 5 years, after which you can apply for a permanent residency permit. You will be pleased to know that this is quite straight forward.

CRUE Portugal – How to get it

You will need to head to your local Camara (Municipal Town Hall) with your passport, NIF number and proof of address. Make sure that it is the Camara closest to or in the district of your residential address. For example, if you are in Montijo don’t go to the Lisbon CRUE office, go to the Montijo town hall.

I managed to apply online and then get a 15 minute appointment at: Quiosque Europeu – Loja Cidadão Saldanha  – Mercado 31 de Janeiro, 1º andar – Rua Engenheiro Vieira da Silva (Loja de Cidadão do Saldanha) | 1050-094 Lisboa

This one is easy to get to in Lisbon – head to Saldanha Metro station.

Officially you should be able to get your CRUE with your passport, proof of address and NIF. This is all I needed to show. I was also asked to describe how to get to my apartment (on the left or the right) and for my Potuguese phone number. She also asked me my education level but not to prove my qualification.

Other Documents you May be asked for at your CRUE Portugal Appointment

However, depending on the Camara and the person you speak to, there are reports of different things that you may need which could include….

  • Attestado de Residencia (an official signed testimony by a Portuguese citizen to say that you live in Portugal)
  • Proof of funds or payslips to prove income
  • Utility bill(s) for your Portuguese address
  • Rental contract
  • Portuguese phone number

Please note that I was not asked for any of these extras, although I have heard of other people being asked in areas outside of Lisbon.

One thing to note is that due to the toxic combination of Coronavirus and Brexit, appointments are currently very booked up especially in Lisbon. Due to this I would recommend emailing your Camara and booking an appointment if possible. I used Google translate and sent the email in Portuguese and English. The Lisbon Camaras seem to currently have an online booking system although this could be temporary due to Corona. Keep an eye out incase this changes.

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