Best places for Coworking in Porto

Porto is a wonderful choice for digital nomads who want a more relaxed lifestyle to the hustle and bustle of metropolitan life. It is also less expensive than the capital city, making it excellent for those trying to keep their living expenditures down. Many people in Porto now know English because of the city’s rising population, and the inhabitants enjoy the economic boost that digital nomads offer. Porto’s coworking spaces are wonderful and less expensive than those in Lisbon. As a result, now is an excellent time to visit this quaint and inviting city. In Porto, a fast, stable connection is the norm. Most places have excellent Wi-Fi, so if you, like many other digital nomads, rely on the internet for your business, you won’t have too many issues in Porto. The city is tiny and easy to navigate, making it ideal for digital nomads searching for a temporary home base before moving on to another city to explore.

CRU Co-Work

CRU Cowork is in the centre of the Bombarda Art District, so it’s no surprise that it’s brimming with creativity. There are other membership options available, including open-plan hot-desking, a fixed desk, and even a private office. The facilities are also excellent. There’s also a ping pong table for whenever you want to let your hair loose and have some fun after a hard day in front of the computer. There’s also a skype room for virtual meetings, a fully furnished kitchen, and a fantastic outside terrace for some fresh air during your breaks. Another advantage of this coworking space is that it is pet-friendly, allowing you to bring your pet to work with you.

Synergy Co-Working

Synergy is much more than a coworking environment. It’s a place where people can come together, cooperate, and create. In terms of facilities and equipment, it is the best coworking space. A podcasting studio, sound and video recording equipment, professional lighting, and a 3D printer are all available. As a result, if you’re a content creator, podcaster, or YouTuber, this is where you should be spending your time. But it’s not all about work. Cool chill-out zones featuring plush bean bags, a ping pong table, and a karaoke machine are available in the stylish environment. Synergy, like CRU, is a pet-friendly environment, so expect to meet some furry friends there. The welcoming environment features excellent lighting, plenty of natural light, and stunning décor.

Porto i/o

While you work, you may enjoy complementary tea, coffee, snacks, and even beer at this bright and airy coworking space on Rua Cândido dos Reis! It’s all about striking a healthy work-life balance at Porto i/o. They host a variety of enjoyable activities, such as community lunches, where you can meet and mingle with other remote workers in a relaxed setting. Work from a stunning penthouse with panoramic views of the historic centre and the Douro River. Get a jolt of inspiration from their most panoramic place as the city is booming downstairs. It’s an unbeatable combination. The people in control are quite accessible, and the atmosphere among co-workers is excellent. It’s a nice area to work and relax in the sun and by the water at the end of the day. You are one block from the beach and surrounded by coffee shops and restaurants, which makes the location ideal. It is also close to the metro station.

Mesa 325

Mesa 325 is one of Porto’s most popular working cafes, thanks to its relaxing ambiance, reliable internet, and high-quality cuisine and coffee. There are plenty of tables here, so even if it’s full, you’ll be able to find a place to sit. Mesa 325 is a trendy and modern cafe. Working from here, though, is relaxing and comfortable, especially with a cappuccino and a croissant in hand. A good way to start the working day is with a good cup of coffee and a nutritious, appetising breakfast. Quality and flavour are always at the top of the list. It’s just the classiest and most laid-back co-working environment in this part of town.

Zenith Brunch

Zenith is an All Day, Everyday Brunch spot, named one of the most instagrammable restaurants in the world by Trip Advisor and crowned “THE GOD OF THE BRUNCH” by the national and international press. A modern, avant-garde environment with an industrial vibe and a menu full of unique, healthful dishes, including vegan and gluten-free alternatives. Eggs Benedict, Pancakes, French Toasts, Banana Bread, and a variety of other specialties such as Bagels, Brazilian Açai, Tapiocas, Shakshuka, Smoothie Bowls, and Salad Bowls are all offered for brunch. An enormous area with a cosy mezzanine filled with natural light where you can work while enjoying brunch. Their laid-back atmosphere will put you in the ideal frame of mind to work.

Wow-Coworking Porto

Co-Working Porto is a collaborative workspace that promotes and supports collaboration and connections. A diversified community made up of freelancers, start-ups, companies, businesswomen, programmers, artists, and innovators. It’s a flexible and adaptable area where you may experiment and bring your ideas to life. WOW is an original concept. Through expertise, networking, and R&D, the merger of their sectors opens the doors of an industrial organisation to the artistic community. The project’s energy is reflected in its events programme, which includes a variety of projects ranging from conferences to seminars, all of which provide valuable learning opportunities.


Temporada has designed the first public coworking space in Porto’s city centre. They want to make co-working available to any freelancer who lives in or visits the city for a short period of time. They just charge 2€ per hour, which can be deducted at our bar. For individuals who want to use the area more frequently, there is also a monthly cost. A conference room, lockers, a bathroom, a gallery where local artists showcase their work, a patio, and a small garden are among the amenities. It’s vibrant, with a modern setting filled with like-minded people. With so many options for seating, you’re likely to find something that works for you. It boasts a contemporary design, original artwork, and vibrant colours. It’ll undoubtedly pique your interest and lead to a productive workday.

Café do Comercio

In the heart of Porto, there is a fantastic Café and Cowork area where you can sit at a work table, turn on your computer, and enjoy free Wi-Fi all day. A welcoming drink and snack will be served to you. For breakfast and lunch, choose your Pass and deduct half the price. Mondays are closed, and Tuesdays through Fridays are open from 10 a.m. to 17 p.m., and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. They also have a terrific breakfast and brunch menu with nutritional and healthful products. Make sure to try their Apple and Lavender smoothie. A caffeine-free beverage with the relaxingeffects of lavender and the sweetness of apple, manufactured entirely of natural ingredients.

Almada Ponto – Bistro, Co-Work and Concept Store

Almada Ponto is a welcoming and energetic Boutique Coworking space. It comfortably fits 25 co-workers in a historical building in the centre of Porto, equipped with vintage and contemporary elements. Digital nomads, freelancers, solopreneurs, and anybody else looking for a flexible and blooming workspace would love this area. Provides the choice of working at shared tables or at personal desks with lockable storage and all the necessary conveniences. They offer a fantastic, modern, and pleasant outdoor and indoor workspace. It’s the ideal setting for working with your team and achieving your objectives. Almada Ponto is a communal centre that hosts workshops, exhibitions, and concerts. A great bistro and a concept store are also available. It’s a fun place to work in Porto with a great sense of community.

Selina Navis CoWork

Selina Navis is a paradise for digital nomads who are travelling, working, and exploring. Their Co-work is located around the corner from Selina Porto and is fully equipped with all the necessary office supplies. It comes equipped with all the necessary office amenities. Meet entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and locals at their shared kitchen during your breaks while sipping free coffee or tea. Make true and lasting connections with our community by using your time at the Selina Navis Co-work for more than just getting things done. Aside from the obvious advantages, if you’re seeking for a long-term location for your business or freelance work, contact them to inquire about room and desk availability. Selina Navis has a six-zone structure. They have a workspace with communal workstations, a lounge for discussion and collaboration, a multipurpose room for meetings and presentations, a bar for happy hour after work, a Grab & Move station where you can grab meals on the go, and a common kitchen with free tea, coffee, and fruit. Members can attend networking events, city tours, relaxation exercises, and other activities with them.

Facts Co-Working

Facts Coworking has been around since 2010, ensuring high-quality workspace, services, and upkeep. Seriousness, respect, and dedication ensure that your workplace is constantly in a state that allows you to enjoy your workday. They cater to freelancers who require an office, a workspace, or a conference room, as well as individuals or businesses, executives on a permanent or temporary business trip, and those that require structure flexibility. While maintaining the uniqueness of each business, it also creates a space for socialising, sharing experiences, and the opportunity for professional encounters among all businesses and persons that work in this area. The work environment is vibrant and soulful. There is a strong sense of belonging and collaboration.

Armazem Co-Work

Armazem Co-Work is a modern and comfortable coworking space approximately a 5-minute walk from the Marquês and Combatentes Metro stations, with easy access by car or bus. They see coworking as a philosophy based on the importance of shared ideas and projects. In this way, they strive to be more than just a place to work; they want to be a place where people can share their ideas and experiences, a community that generates synergies and encourages innovation and networking. This is your coworking space in Porto if you believe in the power of interaction and want to work in a good and stimulating environment. 

Armazem Co-Work is all about networking and the opportunities that come with it: the ease with which professionals may join or start a community of like-minded people. It aids one’s development by making it simple to locate partners, clients, or even suppliers in their place of business. Instead of being alone in a private office, their main goal was to promote and establish new relationships, as well as meet more people. This helps them a lot, especially in terms of public relations and business potential, because of their steady growth.

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