What is the best coworking space Lisbon has to offer?

Lisbon is a favourite destination for remote workers because it is a truly magnificent location. Thanks to a well-connected international airport, Lisbon also has significant physical connectivity. Lisbon’s increasing prominence as a tech hub attracts tech professionals and entrepreneurs as well. The cost of real estate is inexpensive, and the local talent pool is excellent. Corporate headquarters are being relocated to Portugal. The region is getting increasingly globalised. Small city centre flats are popular among young professionals. The pace of life in Lisbon does not appear to be slowing any time soon. Cities with good connections, pleasant temperatures, and a higher quality of life, such as Lisbon, are among them. The finest city in the world for remote employees, particularly long-term remote workers, is Lisbon. This is according to the Savills Executive Nomad Index, which ranks 15 places, with the Algarve coming in fourth. To select the best places for digital nomads, Savills examined the following factors: internet speed, quality of life, climate, air connections, and rent.

Co-Work Central

Cowork Central offers pleasant, co-working spaces in a diversified setting in the heart of the city centre, with two outstanding sites in Lisbon, at Cais do Sodré and Principe Real. It’s a magnet for creative, independent thinkers. They offer a variety of services, including desk and office space for freelancers, start-ups, and small businesses, with the purpose of allowing you to focus on what matters most. They offer flexible desk and office space for all types of users, whether you’re a remote worker or freelancer looking for an occasional desk to break up the monotony of working from home, a start-up looking for its first office, or a small business relocating to Lisbon and needing a place to quickly set up your team. For additional information and a quote, fill out Cowork Central’s online form. Prices range from €10 for a few hours to €15 for a day to €227.55 for a month.

Second Home

Second Home, located above the Time Out market in a 19th-century structure, is a gorgeous, light-filled, open area with a jungle of flowers and plants — the ideal atmosphere for creatives. This is arguably one of the nicest coworking places we’ve come across, with locations all around Europe. This is a fantastic workspace and cultural venue for entrepreneurs, innovators, and social impact organizations. The location of the second home is ideal within the city. You’ll enter an urban oasis with roughly 1000 plants after going through a lounge area with a small bar. It feels more like entering a botanical garden than a workplace. Selgas Cano, a Spanish architecture firm, created the plant-filled interiors that have become synonymous with Second Home. The incorporation of nature into living and working environments can have enormous benefits. Connecting with nature generates more peaceful situations with better levels of pleasure and well-being. At the same time, the plants in Second Home Lisbon reduce noise and create a space divider while also enhancing air quality.

Village Underground


Village Underground is a cultural community filled with artists and creatives that features 2 buses and 14 renovated metal shipping containers that you may share or use to establish your own studio. Prices start at €18 per day for a shared container, €150 for a full container, and €600 for a complete container. It is in these art boxes that a strong sense of community emerges, as well as fusion, co-existence, and co-creation. With direct access to the village’s frequent networking events, workshops, exhibitions, and parties. There is access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as well as fast Internet and air conditioning. There’s a restaurant on site, as well as a sound recording studio. With a focus on street culture, it includes music, theatre, movie, and dance events.

Garagem Infinita

Entrepreneurs, freelancers, and start-ups go to Garagem Infinita. Everyone is welcome to utilise the high-speed fibre internet and audio-visual equipment as needed. They also have dedicated areas for starting tasks, brainstorming with your team, and videoconferencing. This garage-turned-office facility exudes an industrial vibe and is great for creatives. For events or seminars, Garagem Infinita provides temporary spaces and conference rooms. Its proximity to numerous metro stations, as well as its quick access and well-equipped areas, will meet your creative demands. The daily rate is €15, the weekly rate is €40, and the monthly rate is €110. Garagem Infinita can assist you if you require temporary office space, a conference room in which to pitch your start-up, or if you wish to arrange an event or workshop in Portugal.

Cura Dura


Cura Dura is a trendy coworking place with an outdoor garden for those hot summer days. If you want to sell goods, they have a window space in front of the store. Fill out the contact form on their website for additional information. The hourly rate is €10, the daily rate is €50, and the monthly rate is €100. You can also take advantage of the pleasant weather by working outside or making a phone call from the garden. You’ll enjoy coworking at Cura Dura because of their vibrant garden and all the amenities you’ll need to have a productive day. With natural light and a relaxed ambience, this area will satisfy your needs. 

Hour Space


HOurSpace have what you need, whether you need a space to meet with your clients/team or a place to hold your course/workshop. They combine convenience with flexibility at a central location. HOurSpace is a coworking and meeting place in Lisbon that is tiny, welcoming, and tranquil. Fast and dependable internet, plush chairs, a lovely balcony, and a convenient location. It provides you with a fresh environment, new people to meet, complete office facilities, and extreme flexibility. The facility can also be rented for courses and workshops, as well as project or company meetings. Local artists’ work is shown in exceptional temporary art shows. Free coffee, tea, and fruit are always available. However, be sure to check with them directly to see if they are available.

Rocket Hub


The Rocket Hub is in Parque das Naçes – Expo, a prestigious neighbourhood in Lisbon that spans a 5-kilometer stretch along the Tagus River. Meeting rooms, common workplaces, rooftop areas, lounges, and private hubs are all available at Rocket Hub. For more information and a quote on what you’re searching for, contact RocketHub here. The cost of a day starts at €20. In Lisbon, they provide a variety of flexible meeting room locations that are completely equipped for product launches, workshops, presentations, and meetings. They provide teams with assigned desks or premium desk islands, as well as full access to all amenities, such as conference and meeting rooms. Private studios for work groups of 6 to 15 people, complete with all services and amenities.

Idea Spaces


A professional, bright, and modern co-working facility with excellent views of Lisbon that spans two sites. With membership, IDEA Spaces also provides free beer and access to an onsite café, as well as events and conference rooms. There are a variety of seating options available, ranging from hot desk to private office. It all relies on your own preferences as well as the number of your group. Because both IDEA spaces are generally packed, please schedule an appointment with IDEA Spaces ahead of time. The prices begin at €100. Their social and professional activities will help you create and maintain a strong team and a collaborative culture. Your company will be surrounded by all the services it requires to operate, as well as a supportive community that includes organisations such as SDG Group, Equal Experts, Yamaha, Tofane, Monese, and many others that could be your next partner or client.

Now Beato


NOW Beato is housed in a 1094 structure that has recently been refurbished. This co-working centre has three levels with business rooms, co-working spaces, a restaurant, and an event area for startups and small businesses. For corporations and teams, they provide fixed desks, hot-desking, nomad, and private studios. A terrific place to work if you want to be active and engaged. Contact Beato directly for an estimate on what you require, with three locations to select from. The cost of a month’s rent starts at €100. Filled with light and highly skilled individuals that are always willing to assist and connect. The atmosphere is extremely creative, making you feel productive and surrounded by some very remarkable people. Furthermore, the space is incredible, the decor is lovely, and the surroundings are truly inspiring – particularly the river views.


Workhub is a sophisticated co-working facility located in a 100-year-old refurbished wine mill that also serves as an incubator. The coworking space has a partnership with Amsterdam Venture Partners, which can help you gain access to investors. In addition, it has a fantastic lounge and balcony, a bike garage, regular activities, and a welcoming attitude. For additional information, contact Workhub. Prices start at €15 per day and go up to €160 per month. They handle all aspects of space and services so you may concentrate on what’s important.

The Copenhagen Coffee Lab


Copenhagen is a series of handcrafted coffee roasteries, wholesalers, cafes, and bakeries. Excellent central location with a wide range of alternatives from snacks to big meals. A cave-like space with numerous connected rooms, a large coffee bar, and a vast back terrace is revealed as you descend the stairs into the café. By now, the new flagship shop should be finished and fully running, providing you and your team with a fantastic working environment. Their rooms and outside area are both extremely large. The ambiance is laid-back and comfortable. Whether you prefer to work alone on your laptop or have meetings on the terrace while sipping some great coffee. It is open everyday of the week from 8AM till 6PM. 

The Whisk Cafe


The Whisk Cafe is noted for its excellent service and pleasant personnel who are always willing to assist you. This location has a welcoming environment and warm décor. They have a very modern and comfortable interior. There are different size tables here so it can support you if you want to work solo or have a bigger team. Excellent ambiance, as well as high tables that allow for both sitting and standing work. They have amazing brunch options. Try one of their fantastic classic French toast or dark chocolate raspberry truffles if you’re looking for a short happy hour break. You will always see a lot of small teams of workers as well as solo workers at the whisk café. They are open every day of the week except Monday from 8AM till 2PM. The meal options are diverse and high-quality so it’s a great café to be at when working.

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