Best Accommodation in Porto

Today we summarise the best accommodation in Porto. Porto has amazing food, great people and a fabulous historic centre that is a UNESCO World Heritage site. There is an abundance of great places to book including hotels, hostels and short term lets.

The Yeatman Hotel

This elegant hotel is all about wine, from the decanter-shaped pool to the 25,000-bottle cellar to the grape-pip treatments at the spa. It includes a Michelin-starred restaurant, as well as stunning views of Porto and big accommodations. It sits among the port lodges on a slope south of the Douro River; from the pool, you can practically touch their terracotta roofs. The lovely Old Town is a 15-minute walk away, via a cobblestone alley, riverside promenade, and the Dom Lus bridge. There are welcoming sofas strewn about the bar and lounge, as well as an attractive library and a business centre. There’s a gym, sauna, hammam, and an indoor pool with a view at the spa.

Torel Palace Hotel

Torel Boutiques’ latest project is housed in the Palacete Campos Navarro, one of Porto’s most beautiful old palaces. The Palace, which dates from 1861 and is representative of the bourgeoisie at the time, is one of Porto’s most impressive and notable specimens of romantic architecture. A very beautiful skylight is a highlight. By the pool, lush flora dangles from pastel walls, while inviting rooms beckon you inside to relax and sample local flavours. Torel Palace attempts to strike a balance between quirky and elegance, with a strong sense of character that piques your interest.

Intercontinental Porto

The hotel offers a prime location in Porto’s historic centre, with a view of the famous Avenida dos Aliados. The InterContinental Porto – Palácio das Cardosas is a short distance from the city’s major tourist sites and is the perfect place to get lost in Porto. Details from this time period can be found throughout the property. It’s like though you’re residing in a palace. The entry leads to a marble-decorated corridor and lobby. There is a lovely staircase in the back of the foyer that leads to the lower and upper floors. The bar, breakfast sunroom, and the corridor containing stores and the restaurant are all accessible from the foyer. The decorations are as they should be in a palace everywhere you look.

Flores Village Hotel and Spa

Finding a better position in Porto will be difficult. Rua das Flores, dotted with stores, pubs, and restaurants, is a 10-minute walk from the riverbank precinct and a five-minute walk from significant places such as the Clérigos Tower and So Bento train station. Furthermore, because the Flores Village property extends to the next block in the upper section of town, the hotel lift eliminates the need to climb a hill when travelling between areas of the city. The great wooden staircase, chapel, and frescoed dining hall have been restored in a modern outfit while the large interior has been renovated in a modern outfit. The decor is modest but elegant. The hotel has a wide range of amenities, including a spa that offers a variety of treatments like wine therapy and shiatsu massages, as well as a sauna, steam room, and gym. A technicolour Roman bath with bubble jets is located beneath the spa area, and a tranquil garden with cabana couches and city views is located on the fourth floor.

The Gallery Hostel is in a prime Oporto neighbourhood noted for its art galleries and modern boutiques, just a short walk from the city’s main attractions, including museums, monuments, gardens, restaurants, and pubs. You will find a familiar and cosy atmosphere, supplemented by a bilingual and professional workforce, with high standards of comfort and tastefully decorated. The Gallery Hostel is divided into two areas and is made up of various sorts of rooms. You have the option of staying in a 6- or 4-person bedroom in the main building or in one of the Garden Suites, which always offer a high level of seclusion. You can listen to music and drink Portuguese wine in the Lounge Bar, watch a DVD or play a game in the Movie Theatre, access the internet or read a book in the library, speak or relax in our indoor gardens, and eat in the open kitchen and breakfast area.

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