Best Restaurants in Albufeira

It will be very easy to find the best restaurants in Albufeira. Why? because there are some restaurants that they have a Michelin star (the most prestigious of all), some have other international awards for their gastronomy, and others are considered among the best in Europe. All these distinctions are due to their quality services and a menu that includes only the best, so you can be sure that when you eat in one of these restaurants, they will certainly give you a good value for your money.

What type of Food is Served in Albufeira?

In Albufeira, it is very usual to find seafood as a base for many dishes. For example the ‘Aceitunas da Rocha’ (tomatoes from the Rock), which are very popular and tasty. Please do not miss is also the appetizer of olive oil with codfish and Albufeira olives.

Food in Albufeira is varied, as it has a large restaurant area that includes restaurants of many different countries such as: French, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese and Brazilian.

Best Restaurants in Albueira

O Chafariz das Amoreiras

Let’s start with a restaurant called “O Chafariz das Amoreiras”. This restaurant is located in the old part of Albufeira and has an excellent cuisine. Food is varied by day (seafood, meat or fish) and all dishes are accompanied by great wine from the region.

O Petisco

Another very good restaurant is the “O Petisco”. The concept of this restaurant is to serve tapas with a different style, a fusion between Portuguese and Spanish flavours. Offer a varied menu for lunch and dinner, the latter accompanied by an interesting wine list that ensures fine wines from all over the world.

Gourmet Chinese

In Albufeira you will also find a large number of Asian restaurants, but if you want to try something different and local in Albufeira we recommend the “Gourmet Chineses”. In this restaurant in Albufeira you you can eat very good Chinese cuisine.

Brava Grill

If you are looking for restaurants with more international style, such as Italian or French, we recommend you to go with the “Brava Grill”. This restaurant is located on the main street of Albufeira, and has a menu that varies quite much depending on the day. It has very good meat, fish and seafood.

Il Giardino

Also recommended is the Italian restaurant called “Il Giardino”, where you can enjoy real Italian cuisine and, if you prefer something more local, try the restaurant “O Casarão”, where they serve typical Portuguese cuisine to go with a very good wine list.

Other Recommendations – Tavira

Not only in Albufeira can enjoy some of the best restaurants in Europe but also in many other places around. We recommend that you visit Tavira (nearby Albufeira) you will find a very good restaurants, where you can taste the typical Portuguese food or even try some of the local delicacies. If you are visiting Faro we recommend the restaurant “Petiscaria da Ria”, which offers fresh fish from the Guadalupe river and its surroundings.

So if you want to enjoy some of the best restaurants in Albufeira you should pay a visit to this charming and traditional city, with more than 300 days sunshine per year.

Albufeira is the perfect place for those seeking good weather, excellent beaches and a large number of activities to do during your free time! And if you want to know what else can offer this wonderful place, do not forget to visit and stay in one of our hotels

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