Best Sports Bars in Lisbon

It’s great to soak up the Portuguese culture and eat in the Portuguese restaurants and drink coffee and have a tart in a Portuguese Pastelaria. But sometimes, you want a decent sports bar to watch the game! Football is an important part of British culture that many Expats don’t want to leave behind. Today’s article brings to you the best sports bars in Lisbon.

5 Best Sports Bars in Lisbon

Some of the Best Sports Bars in Lisbon include the Couch Sports Bar, Spot Lisboa and O’Gillins. Here’s a summary of the best.

The Couch Sports Bar

With 32 televisions you won’t miss even a second of the big game at The Couch Sports Bar. Known for its positive and welcoming atmosphere, the Couch Sports Bar is a location beloved by locals and international visitors. From NHL, FA Cup, FIFA, Super Bowl, to wrestling, every sports fan is welcome! Make your night complete with a cool and refreshing IPA or strongbow, or tickle your taste buds with a uniquely crafted cocktail. Bring your friends or make some new ones, while snacking on savoury nachos, crispy chicken wings or their delicious sirloin strips fried in Portuguese olive oil.

Spot Lisboa

Looking for a lively atmosphere? Check out Spot Lisboa. Step inside this multi level sports bar and watch your favourite teams battle it out on game night. No big games on the calendar? Don’t worry, Spot Lisboa has other activities to keep your blood pumping and your body moving. From live music, to Brazilian dancers and weekly Friday ladies night, letting loose and having fun has never been easier. Grab the “Beer of the Month” or a “Spot Cocktail” and join the excitement!

The George (near Santa Justa lift)

Visit one of the best bars in central Lisbon, The George near Santa Justa lift! Big screens, awesome vibes and friendly staff make this English style pub a great place to spend your night. Jive to the live music, try their twist on a mojito, or grab a glass from their extensive beer selection. Although this pub has a few less screens than some of the other options on this list, it doesn’t skimp on delectable dishes, including vegan and vegetarian options. Enjoy George’s lively atmosphere and make your evening unforgettable.

Snooker Club Lisbon

The first modern Sports Bar in the Lisbon Capital, the Snooker Club Lisbon is a historic landmark. Play a game of pool at one of the Snooker Clubs 10 pool tables or even take a lesson from an expert, all experience levels are welcome in the fun. The Snookers Club Lisbon also has an extensive restaurant and bar, try one of their delicious Portuguese Prego Rolls or juicy burgers, all at reasonable prices. Of course if you are wanting to catch the game don’t worry, the Snooker Club Lisbon has you covered. With big screen TV’s and private viewing rooms, you won’t miss a thing.

O’Gillins Irish Pub

Established in 1995, this old Irish style pub is going strong! Experience a bit of Irish culture, while attending one of the many weekly sports events. In between the games, get your body moving while listening to live music and sipping on a cold Guinness beer or an Irish whisky. Of course you could always try one of O’Gillins weekly specials, such as the Gin Fizz, Morangoska, or Caipirinha. Experience the old and the new come together at O’Gillins Irish Pub!

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