Covid 19 Test Lisbon

Are you wondering how to get a Covid 19 Test in Lisbon? You will be pleased to know that it is quite straight forward and that there are lots of places you can do this. The main reason why you will need to get a private test in Lisbon is for onward travel most likely from Lisbon airport.

Remember that if you are symptomatic or suspect that you have coronavirus, in this case you should contact your local doctor through the Portuguese SNS which is their National Health System.

Check which Test you need for the Country that you are Travelling to

You should always check the travel requirements with the airline that you are travelling with and the government of the country that you are travelling to. Some countries now only require a Rapid Antigen test to board your flight (which tends to be cheaper around €25), but some still require a PCR test (usually €80-100).

If you are travelling from Portugal to the UK you can check the requirements here:

You may need to check in online and also fill in a passenger locator form within 48 hours prior to boarding, so again, during these times double check everything with the official sources to be sure.

Lisbon Airport

TAP Covid Testing Centre

The easiest and most accessible Covid-19 test centre in Lisbon is probably the TAP Covid Test centre (in partnership with UCS) at Lisbon Airport. It’s easy to find – just take a left when you come out of the Aerporto Metro, go up the escalator to P1 where you will find it just inside and on the left.

***You don’t need to be flying TAP to get a Covid test here, although if you are then you should get a Discount Code from the Airline.***

This test centre is open from 6am to 10pm and you don’t need an appointment – you can just turn up and get in the queue. However, they are likely to close off the queue after around 8.30pm or 9pm an so don’t arrive to late and miss the last slot. It will also be better if you do have an appointment pre-booked, because advanced bookings always have priority.

You can email them here:

And book here:


Antigen €25

PCR €80

Synlab Lisbon Airport

The other option at Lisbon airport is Synlab which is located just before security. Again you can just rock up, but better to book in advance to guarantee your test time.


Phone: +351 910 728 308

Covid-19 Test Lisbon City Centre and Lisbon Area


Cintramedica have several branches in and around Lisbon including Mafra, Portela de Sintra and Amadora. This is a good idea if you are far from the airport and you want to get tested a couple of days in advance. Book here.

Antigen €25

PCR €100



Other Options for Covid-19 Test Lisbon

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  1. Thank you so much for your great advice. It’s a mine field out there. Your time and effort is very much appreciated.

  2. Is there any reason I couldn’t get a test at the Lisbon airport a day or two before my flight? Getting there will be convenient for ne and seems like the easiest option.

    • In my experience I could easily get a test in Lisbon 48 hours before my flight 😉 The best thing to do is book it in advance because you can just turn up, but they prioritise those with bookings.


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