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Palacio Estoril is a historic Portuguese institution on the Atlantic coast and one of the most emblematic European hotels. Built in 1930 in the sleepy coastal town of Estoril on the Portuguese Riviera, a 25-minute drive from Lisbon, the hotel was known as the “Coast of the Kings,” where many members of the royal family, aristocracy and high European bourgeoisie settled to escape the conflicts of the Second World War. As a hotel, the long history of the Palacio dos Estorils is interwoven with the history of Europe and the world, despite changing attitudes.

Renovated in 2007, Hotel Palacio Estoril now offers a total of 161 elegant rooms, including 32 suites with cable LCD TV, air conditioning, private bar, high-speed internet, hairdryer and bathrobes. Built in 1930, the hotel was the second home to the Spanish, Italian, French, Bulgarian and Romanian royal families, other heads of state, emperors, celebrated writers, artists and actors and still welcomes well-heeled guests today.

The five-star Hotel Palacio Estoril, Golf and Spa is a first-class luxury hotel located on the coast and close to a number of major attractions of historic Estoril, including the Casino Estorils, the magnificent Tamariz Beach and numerous restaurants and shops. The hotel is the ideal setting for a wide range of events, whether for business or pleasure. The hotel has numerous amenities for couples and families.

They have the flexibility to adapt several multifunctional spaces and facilities to organize large events and special occasions according to the needs and requirements of customers. With air conditioning, air conditioning, Wi-Fi and cable television in each room, the five-star Hotel Palacio Estoril, Golf & Spa offers pampering and amenities in an elegant setting. Each suite features an opening window, a direct dial telephone, daily housekeeping and a chic en suite bathroom with free toiletries.

In February 2011, the Royal Gallery was established in her honour, where you can see photographs of important members of the European royal family who have stayed at the hotel. Opened in 1930, the Palacio Estoril Hotel, Golf and Spa has attracted art and film stars from around the world and was the scene of a scene from the 1969 James Bond film Agent 007: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. The exterior of the hotel lobby, pool and room A were integral parts of many scenes in the sixth film in the Bond saga, On Her Majesty the Secret Service.

In the 1930s, the Palacio Estoril Hotel, Golf & Spa was one of the most luxurious and glamorous hotels in the Lisbon region, welcoming guests from all over the world. The 5 palacio estoril hotel golf & spa is a testament to the simple elegance of the 1930s and is located in the heart of the little-known Portuguese Riviera of Estorils. The hotel is a magnificent neoclassical building with over 30 hotels and full of history.

Built in the 1930s and recently renovated, the five-star Palacio Estoril is one of Portugal’s most prestigious hotels. Located in the heart of cosmopolitan Estoril, the Palacio offers stunning gardens with sea views, luxurious rooms and gourmet restaurants.

Families will enjoy the spacious gardens and duplex suites with first floor bedrooms and ground floor living rooms. Today the newest and grandest hotel is dedicated to the royal wing, where Europe’s jet-setters and aristocratic guests spend a discreet holiday.

The Palacio Estoril Bar is plagued by British and German spies, and the neighbouring casino is said to be Europe’s largest casino and to have inspired Ian Flemming and James Bond’s novel Casino Royale. The bar has a history of spying and even served as a backdrop for the Bond film On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Fittingly, the famous casino near Estoril is perfect for silk and intrigue.

Recently, I had the pleasure of staying with my friend in one of Portugal’s most historic, posh and luxurious hotels, the Palacio Estoril Hotel & Golf & Spa. It was built in the 1930s and preserves many features of this period of history and glorious life. Upon entering, the hotel impresses with its imposing white façade, beautiful gardens and elegant and classic décor, which has been modernized over the years without losing its combination of timeless luxury and sophistication.

As a member of the most prestigious small luxury hotels in the world, the well-known hotel, which will celebrate its 90th anniversary in 2020, has been awarded the prize for the best Target Healing Banyan Tree Spa by the famous magazine Conde Nast Traveller.

Today, the Palacio offers the comfort and convenience of a modern five-star luxury hotel, while retaining its golden age charm. The hotel has been modernised and has benefited from several renovations and refurbishments. The swimming pool where Bond first entered the hotel that night and the Mirror Casino sign are still in the same place.

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