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Portugal has been one of the most popular destinations in Europe for a while, and it’s only getting more popular. With an excellent climate, beautiful beaches, and ancient heritage sites to explore, it’s easy to see why Portugal is looking more and more like a place to spend your next vacation. But that might not be all you want to know about Portugal. There are actually many different ways that you can live in Portugal! Specifically, there is the Golden Visa program. This post discusses what the Golden Visa program entails as well as reviews some of the best places where you can go for Golden Visa Portugal.

A Golden Visa is a special visa which allows certain foreigners to live in Portugal permanently, giving them Portuguese citizenship and the right to vote. The Golden Visa is available for those who invest more than 500,000 in Portugal, and it also requires that at least one of your children was born as a citizen of Portugal. This comes up often; the Golden Visa does not give you automatic Portuguese citizenship, it just means that some of the children born on your person automatically receive citizenship when they turn 18. Certain criteria must be met, so you should look into Portugal to discover all of the legal factors before attempting to obtain a Golden Visa. What you need to know is that, though it is hard to acquire one, the Golden Visa is well worth it!

What You Need To Know About The Golden Visa Program In Portugal

There are a number of steps that must be completed before one can apply for the Portuguese Golden Visa. You will need at least 500,000 euros in investments in order to qualify for the program. You must be at least 18 years old to qualify.

The Golden Visa program is very hard gained and time consuming. It can take over a year to process your application and the process is considered to be quite complex. Furthermore, it is only open to those who have a substantial amount of wealth in Portugal. The Portuguese government actively looks for potential investors in both the United States and Portugal; however, they will not look at applications from those who do not have a substantial amount of wealth. Those with lesser amounts of money should consider another option besides obtaining the Golden Visa program in Portugal.

As stated above, this is only one type of investment available for those interested in obtaining the Golden Visa program in Portugal. There are alternative ways in which one can invest their money and get the visa. There are also other ways that you can become a citizen of Portugal, such as through marriage, birth, or adoption.

The Portuguese Golden Visa program is quite popular among both Americans and Portuguese alike. It has been giving out visas to worthy investors since 2012, and though it has had its ups and downs over the years, it is still one of the most valuable programs available. In fact, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services see this program as an essential way to improve their economy. Thus far, they have approved over 25 percent of applications from Americans who wish to obtain a Golden Visa in Portugal. This is a higher application approval rate than any other Golden Visa program in Europe.

The Golden Visa Portugal wasn’t always one of the most valuable programs available, however. In 2013, there was an economic crisis which caused many changes to the program. In fact, if you had applied for the Golden Visa program in Portugal between 2013 and 2014, you would have been refunded your money with absolutely no questions asked. This was due to the sudden economic crisis and high unemployment rates. The Portuguese government wanted to make sure that it didn’t waste any more money on its investors who might not be able to make it through another economic crisis.

The number of applications jumped considerably after the crisis, however, and the number of people who are applying for a Golden Visa has not dropped since. In fact, there are more applications today than when the program was in its prime.

Golden Visa Portugal Requirements

In order to apply for a Golden Visa Portugal you must meet specific requirements. First, you must have invest at least 500,000 in Portugal equaling about $400k for Americans and $600k for Europeans. In order to qualify for this amount of money, you need to be able to prove that you have a significant amount of wealth or else your application will not be accepted. The amount of money for European applicants is higher than for Americans due to the exchange rate the United States uses versus the Euro.

The second requirement being a minimum of 5 years old if your child was born in Portugal. If you are looking into Portugal to live with your child or if you have a young person who wants to get married in Portugal, these requirements are definitely beneficial. The Golden Visa program is very hard gained and difficult to obtain, so if you want it bad enough you might just want to stay relevant and active on different social media websites like Facebook and Twitter; they will help you stay informed about all sorts of news breaking throughout the world regarding Portugal and its very popular Golden Visa program. Portugal is the new land of opportunity.

There are many long-term residents in Portugal with Golden Visas, and may more are coming, as the Portuguese government has introduced a new policy that allows parents to give birth in Portugal, thus qualifying their child for a passport translated from a simple birth certificate. So if you have children, take your family to Portugal and enjoy the beautiful beaches and lifestyle!

To find out more details about how to apply for a Golden Visa program in Portugal visit It is the easiest way to get started on your path towards obtaining a Golden Visa in Portugal!

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