The D2 Visa: An Entrepreneur’s Ticket to Portuguese Residency

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to start or grow your business in Portugal, then there’s a special visa just for you, which gives you the legal right to live and work in this beautiful country, as well as all the additional benefits of EU residency – the D2 visa.

The visa application will take some time – for good reason – but so long as you can satisfy each of the requirements, a wonderful lifestyle and promising business opportunities await you.

Who is the D2 Portugal Visa for?

The D2 visa, AKA the Immigrant Entrepreneur Visa for Portugal, is for anyone who wishes to build a business in Portugal. This can be any sort of business and doesn’t need to be huge. You might only plan to employ one person to start (you!).

The visa application is open to anyone who isn’t already a Portuguese or EU citizen.

If you have dependents – such as children or a spouse – you can bring them with you to Portugal. Once you’ve completed your D2 visa application they will be able to achieve a D2 visa after you. In brief, you’ll just need to demonstrate that you have the means to support them financially.

What are the requirements for the D2 Portugal Visa?

To be successful in your application, you’ll need to prove four things to the authorities:

1. Proof of Business Viability

Your business has to make sense financially. Is it going to be a success? Now, of course, nobody knows what the future will bring, but the officials will want to see that you’ve thought through the scope of the business and your preparations give you a healthy chance of success.A Business Plan

Any business owner seeking backers needs a good business plan. Instead of seeking financial support from investors, you’re looking for support from the Portuguese state, to provide you with a home for your business, with all the benefits that go with that. 

Why should they give you that? Show them your plan and convince them to “invest” in you.

2. Capital

Companies need money to get them off the ground, and no company enters profitability on day one. So, whilst there is no minimum amount of capital required, it’s worth presenting a well-funded company to the officials.

This way they have a good idea that the company will be able to support itself through its initial growth phase, and productively support the Portuguese economy later down the line.

3. Reasons for Choosing Portugal

This is really important. Think of it like flirting… but with a country. You could have chosen any country. You could have stayed put where you are. But something has caught your eye about Portugal. Flirt.

Tell them what you like about them. Why is your company going to flourish in Portugal? How is the local community or economy going to benefit from your business? As with any relationship, don’t focus just on what you can gain from them – also consider what they can gain from you.

How do you apply for the D2 Portugal Visa?

There are two stages in the process of applying for the Immigrant Entrepreneur Visa for Portugal. The first part is done in your current country of residence.

Gather together all of the information about your business venture (outlined above), as well as all the proof of identification required by the External Affairs Ministry (see below), and book yourself an appointment at the Portuguese Embassy.

Bring your best game with you and present yourself and your business to the best of your ability. Think Dragon’s Den, but for residency rather than money.

Here’s what you’ll need to bring with you to the appointment:

  • The official D2 application form
  • Passport (check your passport’s expiry date)
  • Two passport photos
  • Proof of valid travel insurance
  • Criminal background check
  • Proof of means of subsistence

Once you’ve been granted your D2 visa, you’ll be able to move to Portugal and start setting up your new life and business. The second step, of securing your residence permit, is completed when you’re already in Portugal.

The Portuguese Residency Permit

Your D2 visa is valid for four months, which means that once you arrive in Portugal you have four months to apply for Portuguese residency from the Immigration and Border Services (SEF).

This isn’t always the quickest of processes, so best to get it booked it straight away if you can. And no worries if you end up having to wait longer that four months for the appointment – so long as you have proof of the appointment then you’re fine.

So, get that appointment booked as soon as you’ve unpacked!

It’s really important that until you have your residency permit, you’ll need to remain in Portugal rather than travel to other EU countries as you may be deported from the Schengen Zone prior to being awarded your Portuguese residency.

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