Lisbon to Coimbra

It’s very easy to get from Lisbon to Coimbra by train. I would advice booking in advance using the CP PT app.

Book online at or via the app from Lisbon Oriente to Coimbra B as this is the fastest and most direct train. It will cost around €15-30 depending on the time and day that you book. The app works very similarly to – you just need to put in your origin, destination and then choose your ticket.

There is an additional requirement for booking Portuguese trains though, and that is the section that asks for your citizen card or passport ID number – don’t worry, this is normal! You will of course need to carry the specified ID with you on your journey.

Oriente station is quite a monstrosity! Plan to get there well in advance of your train to allow time to find where you are going. I’d recommend arriving at Oriente station half an hour before your train and being on the correct platform 15 minutes before.

The Lisbon to Coimbra train is the fast (IC) train to Porto so you may see Porto or Oporto as the final destination. You ticket will tell you which carriage to get on and which seat number you have. Stick to this or you are likely to get moved!

It takes around an hour and a half on the Lisbon to Coimbra train. The seats are large and comfortable and there are toilets on board.

When you arrive a Coimbra you will get off at Coimbra B which is slightly outside the centre but still walkable in about 20-25 minutes. There are usually taxis waiting at the station if you need one. You will walk towards and past the Coimbra bus station and end up near the river front.

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