Once a small market town with little tourist interest, Almancil is now the centre of two of the most exclusive tourist developments in the Algarve. Almancil is a bust, but a lively city full of restaurants, cafes and bars.

Getting to Almancil

Almancil is 8 miles northwest of Faro International Airport, which is a 15-minute drive away. As a busy, working city, Almancil offers all the services you would expect, such as a medical centre, banks, post office and taxis.

The town of Almancil is a 15-minute drive from Faro Airport and is known for being one of the most exclusive resorts in the Algarve due to its location and proximity to the resorts. It is a busy city with several banks and shops and offers a good selection of restaurants. A fifteen-minute drive from Faro’s main airport, though small, the city is pleasant and typical of the region.

Background to Almancil

Almancil, like most cities in the Algarve and southern Portugal, is known for its three Michelin-starred restaurants. In line with the needs of the two nearby fashionable and well-established holiday complexes Quinta do Lago and Vale do Lobo, there is a good selection of restaurants offering many different styles of cuisine.

The 200-year history of Almancil and the Algarve is a vast historical, physical and intellectual heritage. It is one of the best in the country and combines its historical importance with the current cosmopolitan dynamics. The area of present-day Almansil is remote, and Palaeolithic archaeological excavations have brought to light the remains of remote settlements.

In addition, Almancil Algarve has a strategic geographical position, making it one of the most desirable tourist areas in Europe, and it is home to many foreigners, who are supplied by the existence of a great cultural diversity and pleasant economic conditions.

Almancil is a small Portuguese city in the Loule district of approximately 12,000 inhabitants.

What to do in Almancil

It is a popular area due to its close proximity to beaches, airports, golf courses and luxury resorts such as Quinta de lago and Vale de Lobo. Almancil also owes its location on the tourist trail to two exclusive resorts located 10 km from the city.

The Vale Lobos golf course was designed in the 1960s by the British golfer Henry Cotton. It is still one of the best in the region, with ravines, bunkers and almond groves to avoid the sea and admire views.

Sao Lourenco

The neighbouring village of Sao Lourenco has a church decorated with characteristic blue tiles that tell the life story of its patron saint; the church is remarkable for its age, as it dates back to 1730, and is actually attributed to one of the azulejo masters of the time, Policarpo de Oliveira.

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