Lisbon to Sintra day trip

Imagine a destination where you can enjoy the beauty of Portugal without having to worry about transportation schedules and crowded attractions. Imagine what it would feel like to be one with nature in this fairy-tale town, free from worries or deadlines! Well a DIY Lisbon to Sintra day trip might be just what you need.

The country’s capital Lisbon might seem too far off for many people but don’t let distances stop you. There is a solution for beating the crowds and saving some money. I’ve done all of your research so that you don’t have to, but most importantly, this DIY guide will help you enjoy yourself on our awesome Lisbon to Sintra day trip!

How to get from Lisbon to Sintra

For your independent Lisbon to Sintra day trip the best way to get to Sintra is by train. Trains run regularly from Lisbon’s Rossio station (up to 6 times per hour during the busy season). You can check when they will arrive by using this search engine – just enter “Lisboa -Rossio” and it’ll give you all available departure times. Get ready for an unforgettable day trip as Sintra awaits with its palaces, gardens, riverside promenade.

The journey to the stadium will take about 40 minutes on an Urbano train. The fare is  2.25 EUR each way, so it’s affordable for all!

You’ll want to start your day before 9 a.m., as the trains and attractions in Sintra get very busy no matter what time of year you’re visiting. A train that leaves at 8:55 is perfect!

How to Get Around Sintra

Some other way to explore Sintra is by taking a tourist bus. I recommend the local buses because they are affordable and cater well with tourists who don’t want to spend too much money but also get an authentic experience of Portugal’s most famous town!

Sintra is a captivating destination that has been featured in books and movies alike. With two tourist buses catering specifically to this ancient town, you can explore all of its most popular sites with ease.

Sintra is a wonderful place for all of its history and beauty. To get the most out it, you should visit with one or two Sintra tourist buses that cover any area visitor would want to see in detail!

Bus 434 (Pena Line)

There are two types of ticket that you can purchase, one-way and hop on/off. The standard fare is 3.90  euros (same price if travelling back) but there’s an additional fee for the Hop On Hop Off option at 6.90 euros; this will allow your passengers to travel throughout Andalucía without restrictions while they enjoy their time trip!

Bus 435 (4 Palaces Line)

The bus ride to and from the Monserrate Palace is an unforgettable experience. This hop on/off trip has many stops, so it’s easy for you decide which ones are worth seeing! The Hop-on ticket costs 5 EURO (maximum one hour).

What to see on your Lisbon to Sintra day trip

On your Lisbon to Sintra day trip, Pena Palace should be your first stop – it’s my favourite destination in Portugal!

Pena Palace

Lisbon to Sintra day trip
Pena Palace

The 434 bus to Sintra is a great way to get there early and avoid the crowds. Skip stop in historic center, roll right on by Castelo dos Mouros (Moorish Castle). Make your first destination Palácio Nacional da Pena – it’s one of Europe’s best-known palaces! Preferably before everyone else does as well so you can enjoy this brightly painted palace all yours without anyone bothering or getting too close for comfort.

The incredible park around the palace is a masterpiece on its own. Created by King Ferdinand as well, Pena Park reflects an exotic taste of royalty with it’s many trees and plants from all over world!

The Sintra Palace is one of the most beautiful palaces in all of Europe. The brightly-painted building sits untop a hill, and views from its exterior grounds are stunning; especially when they’re bathed in autumn colors like this year’s were!.

You may be able to save some money by getting two different tickets for Pena Palace. One that just includes the outside of the castle and grounds, as well as an option allowing you entry into its indoor staterooms; but if I were ranking which one’s better – definitely would see all those fancy rooms! Before leaving don’t forget about grabbing a coffee or snack from their cafe terrace while overlooking spectacular scenery (and take advantage before they’re gone!).

Ticket prices

Park only ticket: (entry to park and outside terraces of castle): €7.50

Palace & park  ticket: (includes castle interiors): €14

You can order your ticket online

Opening hours: 9:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. 

You can get there via bus 434.

The Castle of The Moors (Castelo dos Mouros)

Lisbon to Sintra day trip
Castelo dos Mouros

The castle of the Moors is a medieval hilltop fortress built by Berbers (known as Moorish people) between 8th and 9th centuries. It served as one important point to recapture Portugal from Arab invaders during Reconquista, but was finally taken back after Lisbon’s fall in 1147 AD.

It lies high on top of a mountain where its majestic view encompasses a much wider area than average castles; this strategic location made it crucial for protecting the country’s security against any potential enemy attacks.

The ruins of an ancient castle, set high up on top of Serra de Sintra and overlooking the surrounding forests. The view from within those grounds is one worth taking in as well – no matter how long ago it was that these walls were first built!

Ticket prices

Park only ticket: € 8, You can order your ticket online, Opening Hours: 9:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. (last ticket 5:30 p.m.), You can get there via bus 434.

Lunch in Sintra town

It’s time to get back on the 434 bus and ride around in circles. This will be your last chance for some peace before you enter Sintra, so take advantage of it! The line at Pena Palace may look long when someone new boards but don’t worry: almost everyone getting off here is also headed down into town – giving them plenty of room makes waiting much more pleasant than standing outside with sweaty palms cursing their luck without any idea how long we’ll have to wait until finally reaching our destination. Once inside though (or after), if there are restaurants nearby then why not grab something tasty while exploring this little known proud Portuguese jewel?

I recommend grabbing lunch in Sintra. There are several restaurants and cafes to choose from, so you’ll have no problem finding one that suits your taste buds! For something quick but filling try Gazeta Coffee House at the News Museum for a sandwich with fresh bread made daily by their bakers while enjoying some hot coffee or espresso drinks too- Other places worth checking out include Bacalhau na Vila which serves up Portuguese tapas dishes straight from home; Romaria de Baco to have some specially made Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options, Gluten Free Diets.

Palacio de Monserrate: Monserrate Palace

Palacio de Monserrate: Monserrate Palace

A stunning and picturesque manor in the town of Sintra, Portugal is known as Monserrate Palace. The legend says that once upon a time (11th century ago) it used to be a chapel dedicated exclusively for Virgin Mary -the Madonna de Sao Vicente daabo To this day you can see remnants from these days such us chandeliers adorn some halls within my review text above; they remind one about where people worshiped back when there were still churches left standing after Lisbon earthquake struck them down centuries ago 

In 1809  Lord Byron visited these grounds during his stay while writing about how he found them majestic looking – one can find mentions made by Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage too!

The 19th-century shoutout to the Monserrate Palace brought it to one of England’s wealthiest men, Sir Francis Cook. He made this palace even more gorgeous with his many acquisitions and renovations over time!

History was made in 18th century California when the well-known mansion, “Monserrate” – designed by Sir Francis Cook for himself and his wife Diana is impressively beautiful. The romantic styled park next to it has a lake with several springs that flow into fountains while caves beneath ground can be explored if you’re adventurous enough!

Opening Hours: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM | Ticket Price: €8

Quinta da Regaleira

Lisbon to Sintra day trip
Quinta da Regaleira

The Quinta de Regaleira is a private estate that includes both the grand gothic house and extensive gardens. It can be found on the 435 bus route but it’s within walking distance from Sintra town – about 15 minutes up the road, though there might be an incline at times if you go by foot! When visiting these parts try not to forget your camera as well because everything here looks somehow breath-takingly beautiful with its incredible landscape shots framed out before them like paintings waiting for their time in history.

The house that the Quinta da Regaleira now sits on was once owned by an incredibly wealthy man. António Augusto Carvalho Monteiro, who bought this land in 1892 from The Viscountess of Regaleira for his estate between 1904 and 1910 to be later known as “The Palace Of Monteiro Millionaire.”

Visiting the Initiation Well is meant to be an enchanting experience. At this garden, you’ll find that there are many hidden tunnels and grottoes with beautiful art pieces inside of them! 

There are many things to see in this garden, including a Roman Catholic Chapel. I found it most interesting how one has only their imagination and can explore the unknown with its spiral staircase that leads down into darkness before emerging at another secret exit hidden beneath ground level!

Opening Hours: 10:00 AM – 6:30 PM | Ticket Price: €10 |  You can order your ticket online

Palácio Nacional De Sintra

The National Palace of Sintra is one of the most impressive buildings in the whole of Portugal, and you may just have enough time to explore its beautiful interior. It was originally a Moorish Castle but nothing remains from that era because it has been heavily renovated several times over many centuries by Christians who wanted more control over Sintra’s wealth during medieval times when they ruled parts-or almost all-of Iberian Peninsula before 8C -1521AD (the Christian Reconquista).

For centuries, the people of Portugal have been coming here to admire this historic royal residence. Constructed by Christian kings in 15th and 16th century it still contains significant Gothic influences from its time as a monastery before becoming King John’s castle en route his crowning as ruler over all northern Europe at Porto fracturing Norman power with an alliance between Castile-León (Spanish) king Alfonso V; Aragonese Queen Joanna IIThe white conical turrets rising up on top were added during early 1500s when they became known simply “the tower.”

Opening Hours: 9:30 AM – 4:00 PM | Ticket Price: €60  |  You can order your ticket online

Have Dinner near train station

After you’ve had your fill of following the footpaths through Quinta de Regaleira’s gardens, it is time to head back down into Sintra town. You can either take a 434 bus that goes directly there or simply walk-it will only take 15 minutes but most of the journey has flat terrain!

You’ll be thankful for this beautiful town after you’ve eaten some of its delicious food. If there are still hours left before your train back to Lisbon leaves, try Saudade or Incomum by Luis Santos if they’re open when it hits midnight; otherwise head over to Metamorphosis restaurant on the other side while waiting around until 1 AM rolls around!

Finally, it’s time to catch your train back home. If you have some spare moments before departure and would like some food recommendations in Sintra, look no further than Saudade or Restaurante Metamorphosis for delicious cuisine near the station with views that will make all of this travel worth while – just sayin’.

In conclusion We hope you found this DIY guide on a Lisbon to Sintra day trip helpful. If you are looking for more information, don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll answer any questions that come up! Thanks for reading our blog post-we appreciate your time! 

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