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Porto is the second biggest city in Portugal after Lisbon and features an amazing array of affordable nightlife as well as good food and great weather to enjoy it all in! It also has a famous, instantly recognised wine named after it – Port! 

So let’s dive right into exploring some of the fantastic options that Porto nightlife has to offer:

Caves Cálem

Perhaps the most famous and also most visited of the many Porto wine cellars. It is a renowned brand! This cellar offers a tour, with free sampling but perhaps the most unique selling point of this specific cellar is that you also get a Fado concert – traditional Portuguese music as well as that infamous port wine!

Taylors’ wine tour

Another fantastic wine tour that Porto has to offer is found at Taylors’. This gives an extensive tour of their cellar, explaining how the famous port wine is made. It finishes with you getting a free glass of both white and red port for free! You are then welcome, to enjoy your wine on the beautiful terrace with stunning views of Ribeira.


If wine cellars aren’t really your scene, perhaps you’re more on the lookout for some good food! There’s a reason why this restaurant comes in at number one on TripAdvisor, out of 1872 restaurants in Porto! It offers a cosy, intimate setting, with beautiful food and atmosphere. Many have described it as a fusion restaurant, seamlessly blending traditional Portuguese recipes with more contemporary options. They offer meat, fish and vegan main options and also have a fantastic choice of desserts! Their cocktail menu is also well worth a try. Some may consider this restaurant on the pricey side, but the portion sizes are brilliant and the presentation, atmosphere and friendly staff make it second to none! The menu and prices are available to view here: https://otasco.pt/

The Yeatman

Another spectacular restaurant – particularly if you are a lover of fine dining, is The Yeatman. This is a 2 Michelin star restaurant on a hill overlooking Porto, providing incredible views over the Douro river. It highlights some of the best that Porto has to offer in terms of traditional flavours and imaginative plates of food with contemporary cooking and presentation. There are three tasting menus on offer, each taking you on a spectacular tasteful journal through Portugal’s wine region. Yes, it’s pricey, but with 2 Michelin stars, you are getting what you pay for!

Caso do Livro

If bars are more your thing, this one is stunning! Its name literally means ‘book house’ which hints at the building’s past as a library. Some of these books are still there and available for reading if you wish. The atmosphere here is generally relaxed and cosy with green leather booths, striped wallpaper, low lighting and a gorgeous black piano. This bar offers all the classic cocktails as well as a good selection of spirits, wines and champagne. The music offered is usually jazz/blues or relaxing soul music.

Galerias de Paris bar and restaurant

Galerias de Paris bar

This all-day venue actually offers amazing breakfast and lunch options (perfect for the morning after the night before, if you’ve had one too many to drink). This was once a warehouse where fabrics were sold and the counters once used to sell fabrics are now used to serve food to customers. At night, the tables are candle-lit creating an intimate atmosphere. At night they also have two dance floors, one of which is used for dance lessons, offering a variety of styles from salsa to tango!

Pitch Club

This is a popular, centrally located, modern nightclub. It has two floors, offering different music styles on both floors. The first floor also features a lounge area offering a more relaxed area to sit and enjoy a relaxing drink. This venue often also acts as a playhouse for concerts! On weekends, the music played here is mostly house and electro, so may not be to everyone’s taste.

Tedinha dos Clerigos

If rock music is more your vibe, then this is the place for you! It offers a wide variety of indie/rock/alternative music. It is open from 12 am to 6 am, Tuesday to Saturday. The interior is very… red! It has been created to resemble a precious gemstone but also creates a dark devilish design. It’s definitely an interesting and different environment, which also offers unique food and great DJ’s as well as its funky aesthetic!

Rua Tapas and Music Bar

Great food and talented live artists playing are what’s on offer at this great little venue. A variety of genres of music are frequently played here, so there’s sure to be something to suit everyone’s taste. It’s quite a small and intimate location but it isn’t unusual for the party to spill out into the street! You can purchase your drink in plastic cups to allow you to safely have it outside with you. Given the beautiful Porto weather, why not make the most of it and take the drinks outside!

Hot Five Jazz and Blues

No list of great venues in Porto would be complete without including the oldest live music venue in the city – a landmark since the 50s! It features jazz, soul and tribute band music. The venue also has some incredible food offerings, with their speciality dish being their amazing club sandwich! This is a great venue option for parties, hen/stag nights etc. They have cocktail masters who will happily prepare and invent a variety of tasty concoctions right in front of your eyes! It offers seating around small round tables facing a stage that plays host to jazz and blues and also often acoustic, folk and full-on jam sessions! There is also an upper balcony area with some limited seating available! This does tend to get snapped up fast though.

Whether you’re looking for a classic wine tour and some famous Porto wine, a restaurant for some tasty offerings, a bar for drinks or a club to dance the night away in, Porto has something available for everyone!

Porto is an incredible city with vibrant nightlife – well worth a visit!

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