Quarteira to Vilamoura

It’s very east to get from Quarteira to Vilamoura. If you are staying in Quarteira on the Algarve, it’s definitely worth a visit to Vilamoura to see the harbour with the expensive yachts and the upmarket restaurants and bars dotted around the marina. There are several ways that you can get from Quarteira to Vilamoura including taxi, cycling and even on foot!

Taking a taxi from Quarteira to Vilamoura

You can take a taxi from Quarteira to Vilamoura which will take just 5 minutes and will cost around €5 or €6 in an Uber. Download the Uber app ready for your trip to Portugal here. If you already have a UK Uber account then you don’t need to worry about downloading a different one – your UK Uber app will work in Portugal!


It is a beautiful bicycle ride along the coast from Quarteira to Vilamoura and it will take around 15 minutes to cycle there. The promenade is flat and easy ground to cover so it is not a challenging ride.

If you are cycling or walking then I would recommend going early int he morning before the heat of the day.


The route from Quarteira to Vilamoura is an easy one to take on foot if you don’t mind at least half an hours walk. Wear comfortable walking sandals or walking boots and make sure that you remember to put sun cream on especially on the back of your neck and shoulders! It’s a pleasant and easy walk that should not take any longer than around 40 minutes to walk from Quarteira to Vilamoura Marina.

Other creative ways to travel

There are other creative ways to travel along this route:

  • Segway
  • Electric Scooter
  • Hiring a mobility scooter
  • Skateboard

If you need to hire equipment such as bikes or scooters head to Ticketland Quarteira which is along the sea front not far from Tico Tico fish restaurant.

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