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Vilamoura is a coastal region on the central, southern coast of Portugal in the Algarve. It has beautiful beaches which is part of the reason why it is such a popular holiday destination. This guide is going to outline some of the reasons why Vilamoura is so popular amongst expats and tourists, as well as providing some of the best Vilamoura tours for you to embark on.

In the 1980s’ Vilamoura was a popular destination for golfing due to the elite golfing facilities available. Nowadays there are five golf courses in Vilamoura, all of which have incredible reputations and provide exceptional resources for keen golfers. ‘The Old Course’ is one of those that is unmissable for those who love golf. 

Vilamoura is also the home to an exclusive marina complex in which the super-rich frequently socialise. The marina has a dock where you can often see million-dollar yachts. The marina also has many fancy restaurants and modern bars for you to enjoy and socialise in, amongst the super-rich. 

The beaches of Vilamoura are also exceptional. They provide stunning views and peaceful experiences. When visiting Vilamoura, the beaches truly are unavoidable. Praia da Falésia is one beach that is a must visit when travelling to Vilamoura. The beach spans 5km with its golden sands and crystal clear water. 

For a modern area, Vilamoura does not lack culture, the surrounding regions such as Faro are culturally rich. Faro is a historic city that is only a car’s journey away from Vilamoura. Vilamoura also contains Cerro da Vila archaeological museum, a museum that is full of culture and well worth a visit. It features a ruined Roman villa, as well as bathhouses and mosaics. The Loule traditional market town is authentically Portugese and provides a cultural insight into this beautiful country. The old quarter in Albufeira is also close-by. 

If you want to visit Vilamoura and take in all it has to offer, some of the best ways to see the beautiful region is through tours. Here are some of the best:

This 2.5 hour boat tour takes you from the stunning Vilamoura marina to the Benagil caves, a popular attraction amongst tourists. The boat ride offers stunning views of the coast and gives you a chance to see Vilamoura from afar. You may even get to see some dolphins along the way. The cave is only reachable by boat and will not disappoint. 

If relaxing is more your thing, why not visit Quinta da Tôr? Quinta da Tôr is a renowned winery in the Algarve. This tour offers a tour of the winery where you can learn about the process of wine making as well as the opportunity to try some of your own along with some homemade bread and olive oil. 

Are you more of a risk taker? Then why not give parasailing a go. The parasailing tour offers incredible panoramic views over the Algarve, it makes for an unforgettable experience. It provides stunning views from a unique perspective, one which adds to the fun and excitement of exploring such a beautiful coastline.

If you’re not a golfer, but you still want to take advantage of Vilamoura’s golfing facilities, why not take the whole family along to find out why Vilamoura is known for its golfing experiences? This day trip is to enjoy a game of mini-golf in the place where golfing is renowned at the largest mini-golf park in Europe. It offers fun and excitement for the whole family while also exploring in a unique way, one of the things that Vilamoura is famous for.

One of the best ways to explore Vilamoura is by taking this three hour guided bike tour. The tour will show you the native Portugese flora and fauna, along with beautiful flowers, stunning views, wetlands, and maybe even tortoises. It offers a relaxing tour that also takes you through the fish and fruit market as well as visiting the Old Village. The tour guide will give you some helpful tips and tricks for your stay in Vilamoura, including the best places to eat. This tour is a good way of seeing a great deal of sights significant to Vilamoura within one trip. 

If cycling isn’t your thing, why not embark on a unique way of getting around the region of Vilamoura. This 1.5 hour Segway tour takes you along the beaches of Vilamoura, taking in the beautiful coastline while catching some rays. You can even stop for some shopping on the tour, or even stop and enjoy some local delicacies. The Segway offers a fun activity that will bring enjoyment and stunning views.

This 4 hour tour provides unreal views and a unique experience. Take a 4×4 into the mountains with an experienced driver and hidden treasures. The tour allows you to embark on a journey into the mountains where your guide will tell you all about ‘cork oaks’ while allowing you to taste fruit straight from the trees that they are grown on and you can take a dip into a crystal clear water spring. You can also learn about ‘firewater’ and give it a taste, while driving through villages that have evidence of Roman and Moorish influences all with the voiceover from your trusted tour guide. You will then be taken to enjoy a kayak adventure along the coast, searching the caves for treasures all while your guide uncovers the secrets to you. 

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