September Weather in Algarve

The Algarve is known for its sunny and beautiful weather year round, but here is what to expect in the month of September. As well as some helpful tips on what to take when visiting the Algarve in September, and some other times to visit the area.

The average temperature of the Algarve in September is 23 degrees celsius during the day, and 22.1 degrees celsius at night with a high temperature of 29 degrees celsius and a low of 17 degrees celsius. There are around 9 hours of sunshine in a day and only 5 days of which have rainfall amounting to 58.3mm of rainfall. Specifically in the capital of Faro, the average daytime temperature is 27 degrees celsius. Faro also has below average rainfall in September with a monthly rainfall of 23mm. In September, Lagos has an average temperature of 25 degrees celsius with 12 hours of sun per day, and a rainfall of 31mm per month. Albufeira has the same average temperature during September as Lagos, as well as the same rainfall and hours of sun. Vilamoura has an average temperature of 29 degrees celsius in September, with 12 hours of sun per day and an average of 58mm of rainfall in September.

Due to this, September is probably the best time of year to visit the Algarve for reliable and dry, sunny weather. The warm season in the Algarve is between the end of June and mid September. However, due to less tourists visiting in September it makes September the ideal time to visit the Algarve for a quiet and peaceful vacation. So if you’re looking for a more busy vacation and are keen on the nightlife, September may not be the best time to go, you should try July or August instead. Another downfall of September is that there can be thunderstorms, although few. September does have a risk of rain, but the rainfall doesn’t last long as it comes in bursts and is uncommon, tending to only happen at the end of September.

If you plan on visiting the Algarve during September then your suitcase won’t look much different than it would look if you were going in July, for example. However, it might be a good idea to pack a lightweight raincoat that you can wear on the rare occasion that it does rain. But other than the differences, pack plenty of swimwear, shorts, dresses, flip flops, sunglasses, a hat, suncream, and a cover up such as a breathable shirt amongst other things that you typically take with you on your holidays.

Another perfect time to visit the Algarve is during Spring when the temperatures are warm, but not overwhelmingly so. If you prefer a warm climate with a little bit of cool air, then Spring is perfect. Temperatures sot on average at 20 to 21 degrees celsius and it is much quieter due to less tourists visiting at this time. Making for a peaceful and chilled holiday.

The yearly average temperature of the Algarve is 22.1 degrees celsius, the total yearly rainfall is 485mm and the average yearly hours of sun is 8 hours a day. Making the Algarve a great climate that is relatively stable and much warmer than that of the UK at all times of the year. The temperatures in the Algarve are lowest in January, but they are still at an average of 16.2 degrees celsius with an average of 60mm of rainfall. 

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