Tavira Restaurants

Welcome to Portugal! If you are staying in Tavira then you will certainly want to know about the best Tavira restaurants. From the local cuisines to international fusion, we’ve got you covered!

1. Artefact


If you were walking down the street and you saw this little restaurant, you probably would not think anything of it, but this hidden gem shines through with incomparable flavors. The small restaurant breaks through with bursts of flavors hidden in their dishes as they execute Portuguese and international cuisine flawlessly. Artefact is by far one of the best restaurants in Tavira and often even requires making a reservation to ensure you have a spot between thousands of locals and tourists who want the Artefact experience on a day to day basis. One of the most coveted restaurants in all Portugal, and with much merit.

2. La Dolce Vita Restaurant & Pizza

La Dolce Vita Restaurant & Pizza

This family-style Italian restaurant takes pride in their European cooking. Using pure ingredients and adding international twists every now and then, their menu caters to all kinds of people and enchants the taste buds of adults and children just the same. Of course they have seafood included, since they’re in Tavira after all. La Dolce Vita also provides options that are Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free. Travel across Europe and have a little taste of Italy… while you’re in Portugal!

3. Come na Gaveta Gastrobar

Come na Gaveta Gastrobar

Its Mediterranean style dishes will delight locals and tourist the same. Presentation is key for this Gastrobar, and they display their food with such artful pride that it invites and enchants anyone with a good, healthy appetite for good food. The homey style of the restaurant along with their excellent service provide an experience like no other, while keeping the quality of their products high and the execution pristine. Not to mention the delicious, tasteful plates that they have in their European menu. There is no doubt that Come na Gaveta is one of the best restaurants in Tavira, Portugal.

4. No de Gosto

No de Gosto

No de Gosto is a restaurant with the mission to make healthy food delicious and appealing to everyone, and they perform that mission very well. Their menu is based around the European concept of Tapas and executes it with poise and gusto. The food as well as the service is superb and the environment that they create in their restaurant is one of the most pleasing, delightful things you can experience when dining in Tavira. 

5. Ti Maria

Ti Maria

If you’re in Tavira and you’re in the mood for some local dishes but with an international twist, Ti Maria will be your best bet. Their menu covers a wide range of foods of all different flavors and kinds while sticking to their European roots and Mediterranean theme. The Ti Maria team works hard to delight their guests and blow their minds with their flavorful dishes, whether they’re tourists or locals. The artsy decorations and open spaces in combination with their amazing food and drink makes Ti Maria a great place to be in, no matter what you’re consuming.

6. Pausa


As the name calls, Pausa is a great place to stop by and enjoy delicious food. This restaurants works really hard to provide a delightful dining experience with their fusion menu heavily influenced by their Mediterranean roots. This is one of the best restaurant options for those with dietary restrictions and preferences, as they are very conscious of their ingredients and provide a lot of Vegetarian and Vegan options, too! Pausa is proof that you can be delicious, international and inclusive… All in the same place.

7. Rota dos Sabores

Rota dos Sabores

If you want to experience a meal through the lens of a local from Tavira, Rota dos Sabores is the best place to go. It’s traditional European style goes together with a courtyard concept to create one of the best restaurants in the area. Their perfect execution of food that is flavorful and prepared well keep the guests coming in and make locals feel at home and tourists feel like they’ve eaten a little bit of the Tavira culture with each bite. Rota dos Sabores is one of the most well rounded Portuguese restaurants, as they cater to the needs of Vegan, Vegetarian and carnivorous people the same. 

I hope that you enjoy these wonderful Tavira restaurants. If you are looking for more information on Tavira then check out our Tavira Portugal Guide.

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