Portimao Restaurants

You’ll be pleased to know that Portimao has a fantastic selection of restaurants that cover traditional Portuguese, burgers and international cuisine and so there really is something for everyone. I hope that you enjoy this list of Portimao restaurants – and make sure you try some traditional Portuguese seafood while you’re there!

1. Maria do Mar

Maria do Mar

Yeah, it is true, there are a lot of very good seafood restaurants in Portimao, but this one is different. Maria do Mar is one of the most unique and original Portimao restaurants, as they deliver that delicious seafood flavours that all Portuguese people know and love but with a healthy kick of gastronomic knowledge. This restaurant is surely a treasure for both the locals and the tourists, as its execution of an eclectic new way to prepare their good old traditional foods and dishes is absolutely impeccable. Maria do Mar brings the most amazing flavours of the sea and delivers them in a way that is creative and outside the box. Plus, their service is outstanding. You’ll never get bored of eating there!

2. Vista

This is an options for those who enjoy fine dining and wish to visit a nice, fancy restaurant in Portimao. With a Michelin star won in the year of 2020, Vista is undeniably one of the best restaurants in all of Portugal. It’s European and Mediterranean food transcends cultures and palates and makes food seem like it’s made from magic. Of course the price is steep, but the dining experience is surely worth it. Venture in the Vista world of food and be the judge of this… and make a reservation ahead of time!

3. Squash


Conveniently located in a high-traffic area of Portimao, Squash is a great option for those who wish to grab a bite and enjoy a pleasing experience in a moderately priced restaurant. Squash is a homey restaurant that is heavily influenced by the bountiful sea and its delicious foods. Combined with traditional elements of Portuguese cooking and a few splashes of international charm; Squash is one of the best places to eat in Portimao for both locals and tourists. Its checkered table cloths along with the cozy traditional environment will make the experience all the more welcoming and delightful. 

4. Dom Joao

Dom Joao

If you want a place where local food is done right while at the same time it is kept affordable, Dom Joao is the place for you. This restaurant is near from the beach but not right close to it, this way you can feel that beachy charm of Portimao without having sand between your toes. Dom Joao has a very particular way to present their dishes and pride themselves in great service and quality food. The Dom Joao experience is much like the one in a fancy restaurant, but it is kept mostly traditional and under the afforable rate while still making you feel like royalty when you eat there.

5. Loki


Loki is another great choice for those with the finer preferences when it comes to food and service. Its contemporary menu is influenced heavily by the well-known Mediterranean flavors and packs a punch of scrumptious taste in each one of their unique gourmet dishes. Their clean cut, fresh atmosphere focuses on providing the best environment for their food to shine and really be the protagonist of a lovely, top notch, high quality, fancy meal of Portuguese food. There is no doubt that Loki is one of the best restaurants in Portimao. 

6. Hamburgueria B&B

Hamburgueria B&B

If international food is what you’re after, Hamburgueria B&B is your best alternative. As the name calls for it, this American style family restaurant features hamburgers and sandwiches with all different fillings and topics. The Hamburgueria draws inspiration from all cultures and backgrounds and influences their menu with flavors from all over the world. The varied choices of all types of sandwiches bring people together and provide them with a dining space in the heart of Portimao. Whether you’re a tourist or a local, you’ll surely be delighted by Hamburgueria B&B. 

7. Indian Garden

Indian Garden

As the name calls for it, the Indian Garden is home of Indian Food. This is one of the simplest, most straight forward Asian restaurants that you can find in Portugal and that is why it is one of the bests. Its authenticity shines through bringing diversity and color to a very traditional place like Portugal and it allows people to choose something that is unique and different. With a great atmosphere and terrific food choices, Indian Garden steals the heart of locals and tourists alike with their Indian spice and flavour. 

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