World of Discoveries Porto

The World of Discoveries Porto is an interactive themed museum that is a great experience for people of all ages! This modern museum re-enacts the odyssey of Portugal’s earliest sea navigators of the 14th to 16th centuries as they ventured into the oceans of the world to discover lands unknown. It propels visitors into what it must have been like to be on the seas during that time and over 3 floors, with 20 themed displays, we discover the era of globalisation and how our relationship with our planet and the people on it, was changed forever. 

You will discover the routes these navigators took through the sea, the people they met, animals and plants they discovered! Some of the themed displays demonstrate the boats they would have used, the different countries they discovered, such as Africa, India, China to name just a few.

The museum provides a full multi-sensory experience, with incredible technologies such as 4D globes and Fog screens, completely immersing you into the experience of being on the oceans like the navigators themselves!

The most exciting feature, however, is the boat ride, recreating the scenes that the navigators would have experienced. There are also mannequins, original historical artefacts and scale models, demonstrating the conditions on the boats. You truly get an idea of what life must have been like on the boats!

As you explore each theme and each country, the culture, dress, etc, helps each other come to life! The colours and sights are incredible. From wild animals such as hippos and elephants to colourful Chinese festivals with the Chinese dragons and India with all its fragrant spices, they are all demonstrated in such a fantastic way!

To aid your experience further, audio guides are available in Portuguese, Spanish, English, French, German and Italian. They provide further information on each of the themed areas and further supplement the boat ride by giving even more details about what the navigators would have been experiencing!

The museum also houses an incredible restaurant, perfect for if you build up an appetite while exploring the museum itself. It features foods from Portugal itself but also from all of Portugal’s former colonies/ trading partners such as Brazil, Japan, China, India and Africa. There is also a fantastic gift shop, perfect for picking up some souvenirs before you leave. This too is themed just like the museum and restaurant.

Getting there

Your best bet for transport that takes you practically right to the door of the museum is by taking the 500 bus, or the number 1 tram. Both are the most direct route to the museum, with both stopping right outside. The nearest metro stop to the museum is Sao Bento, however, it is still a 20-minute walk east from the metro to the museum, which may not be suitable for everyone, so you would still need to hop in a taxi, or the 500 bus.

Opening hours of World of Discoveries Porto

It is important to note that this museum is not open on Mondays. It is open from 10:00 – 18:00, Tuesday to Friday, with the last entry to the museum being at 17:30, though I would definitely recommend getting there earlier than that to fully immerse yourself in the experience. 

At weekends, the museum is open from 10:00 – 19:00, with the last entry at 18:30, though again I’d recommend going earlier! 

Ticket prices and how to book

Tickets are very reasonably priced with children under three having free admission. Children aged 4-12 are €9, adults are €15, and seniors (over 65) and students (with valid student I.D.) are both €12. Tickets can be bought from the main counter upon entering the museum, however, I always recommended purchasing beforehand. There are even some savings to be made on children and adults tickets by purchasing them beforehand online, with the child’s ticket coming in at €7.65 and the adult’s at €12.75. Tickets can be purchased through the following site:

It can be a comfort to know you’ve already got them booked and ready for your arrival, rather than potentially getting to the museum, only to find they’re too busy to safely accommodate you at that time!

A modern, fun, interactive day out for the whole family. A fantastic way to discover the history of the Portuguese navigators.

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