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FC Porto is one of Porto’s ‘big three’ teams –  the Os Três Grandes, alongside Lisbon based Benfica and Sporting CP. They have appeared in every season of Portugal’s premier league since it started in 1934. The team was founded on the 28th September 1893. They are nicknamed the Drogões (Dragons) due to having the mythical creature on the club’s crest. They are also sometimes known as Azuis & Brancos (Blue and Whites), due to the club’s colours. The club’s supporters are known as Portistas.

The club has played its home games at Estadio do Dragão (Dragon Stadium) since its opening in 2003. This is the third-largest stadium in Portugal with a seating capacity of 50,033. If football and the history of this team is something you’re interested in, then you can book yourself onto a stadium tour and see it for yourself.

Here are some key pieces of information if you’re thinking about a tour of the Dragon Stadium:

How to get there

The stadium is approx 4km from Porto’s city centre. If travelling to the stadium from the city centre, then the metro is by far the easiest way to get to the stadium. From the city centre, hop on the metro at Trindade station and it will take you right to the stadium in approx 9 minutes! Lines A, B, E and F all travel via the stadium and for most lines the stadium is the last stop. There are some bus services that stop close to the station too, the 401 and the 806 would be your best choices.

The stadium sits directly next to the motorway if you decide to drive to the stadium, look out for the sign marked Estadio and you know you’re heading for the right exit! There is free parking at the stadium for visitors.

What does the tour include?

The tour allows access to the FC Porto Museum and the Dragão Stadium. You can take an interactive tour through 27 different themed areas of the museum, with audio guides available in Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, German and Italian. The museum itself was nominated for European Museum of the Year 2016. You are fully immersed in a 120-year history of the club itself, but also the history of Porto and the club’s position within that. You can see all of their impressive collection of trophies and the many titles they have collected over the years. After all they are the most successful club in Portugal internationally with 7 titles! There is also a rather impressive hologram of Jorge Nuno Pinta da Costa, who has been president of the club since 1982! 

With the stadium tour, you can explore things backstage in the stadium and get a feel for what it must be like for the players as they’re getting ready to go on for a game. You can explore the visiting team’s locker room, you can sit on the substitutes bench and imagine what it must feel like for a player to be sat there hoping for the opportunity to get on the pitch to play! You can take photos and feel like a real professional footballer, if even just for a few minutes.

It is important to note, that on match days, UEFA match eve, and on event days and other days as necessary for stadium management, you will not be able to book the stadium tour. On these days, you can still book to see the FC Porto Museum on its own but if you’re very keen to get the full experience of both the museum and the stadium, then it might be best to book your ticket in advance, so you know, you should be able to access both (details on where and how to book coming up).

How to book your FC Porto Stadium Tour

If this tour sounds like something that would be of interest to you, the best way to get your tickets is to book in advance! This means that you can also check to ensure you’ll be able to access both the museum and the stadium on whichever day you wish to go. Tickets can be purchased in advance from: 


The price is £12.50 per adult (13-64), £10 per senior (over 64), and £8.33 per child for the stadium and museum tour. For the museum tour only, the prices are £10 adult, £8.33 seniors and £6.67 for children. 

The museum tours are carried out freely, so as long as you turn up within opening hours, you are free to explore the museum in your own time. The tours are not guided, however, as mentioned earlier you can get audio guides in Portuguese, English, Spanish, German, and Italian. 

Tickets can also be purchased from the reception area of the stadium itself, however, it’s worth noting that the stadium tour is subject to maximum capacity, so if you’re really keen to experience the stadium side of the tour, I would recommend booking in advance to avoid unnecessary disappointment!

An excellent option for all football lovers out there – comes highly recommended!

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