Lisbon Airport to Cascais

It is relatively easy to get from Lisbon Airport to Cascais because the city is so well connected by Public transport. Provided you don’t have too much luggage you can get there by Metro and train. If you need to take a taxi then there are taxis at the airport but a cheaper option is to use Bolt or Uber.

Lisbon to Cascais by Public transport

Lisbon airport is well connected by the Lisbon Metro and so as long as you don’t have an unmanageable amount of luggage. The best thing to do would be to get a VIVA VIAGEM card at one of the Metro machines and top it up by about €10. You can then use it on all Lisbon transport and your travel will be a bit cheaper.

The ticket machines are easy to use and have an option to change into English.

Take the Metrolink from the airport (Aeroporto) to Cais do Sodre. You will need to take the red line (Vermelha) to Alameda and then change to the green line (verde) for the Alameda to Cais do Sodre.

Lisbon Metro Map

Once you get to Cais do Sodre you need to get the Urban train from Cais do Sodre to Cascais and it takes around 45 minutes. The trains are comfortable, but sometimes busy in peak periods and during the summer months with everyone flocking to the beach!

Uber or Bolt

If you have a lot of luggage you may want to go from Lisbon Airport to Cascais in a taxi instead of using Lisbon public transport. There are taxis waiting outside the airport, but sometimes people find them a little more expensive – especially if you don’t pre-agree a price with your driver.

I find it cheaper and easier to use Uber or Bolt. Download both of these apps for your phone in Lisbon. The advantages of using an app like this are that you know the exact price that you are paying and also it allows you to use your credit card rather than fumbling around for cash.

Cascais is a beautiful place – enjoy!

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