Airports in Portugal

Portugal’s prime location on the Atlantic coast means that many people fly in and out of Portugal. This article lists the main international airports in Portugal, which are Lisbon for the Lisbon coast or Faro for the Algrave. You may also use Porto or Lagos as your departure point if you’re flying into Portugal.

Lisbon Airport

Being the capital city of Lisbon, it is one of the busiest airports in Portugal. Lisbon is a great city that attracts many expats and digital nomads.

Lisbon airport is the hub of Air Portugal, which offers flights to all major European destinations as well as many cities in North America. Lisbon airport has flights direct to the UK with TAP, Ryanair and Easyjet. It also has many direct flights to Brazil.

It’s easy to get to and from Lisbon airport because it is well connected by the Lisbon Metro. You will get on at ‘Aeroporto’ on the Vermelha (Red) line and change at:

  • Alameda for Verde (Green)
  • Saldanha for Amarela (Yellow)
  • Sao Sebastiao for Azul (blue)

There are always taxis waiting outside the airport terminal, but negotiate your price with them first. A better option might be to book it on UBER because then you will know exactly what to expect to pay.

Porto Airport

Porto Airport is one of Portugal’s busiest airports. Porto is located to the North of Lisbon on the coast and is Portugal’s second busiest city after the capital. It has flights to all major European cities, as well as China and Japan. Porto Airport has direct flights to Africa. Airlines including Air France, Alitalia and KLM all have regular services into Porto Airport.

It is easy to get from the Airport to Porto town centre with the Porto Metro. Take the Metro from porto to Trinidad (line E). There will also be taxis waiting for those who have heavy luggage.

Faro Airport

Faro is the main international airport for flights to and from Algrave. It’s a relatively small airport but there are many connections within Europe including London with TAP Air Portugal (a Portuguese airline) or Ryanair. It’s a good option for travellers landing on the Algrave coast because it’s about 150 kilometers away from Lagos and only 90 kilometers from Seville in Spain.

The southernmost of the main international airports in Portugal, Faro offers many destinations across Europe and Africa. It offers flights to major European cities like London, Paris and Rome as well as many African destinations such Air Mauritius for Seychelles or Air Senegal for Dakar.

Faro Airport only has a single terminal with two floors, where arrivals are on the ground floor and departures are upstairs.

There is no public transport available to Faro Airport so you’ll need to take either a taxi or one of Air Portugal’s shuttle buses from the local bus stations in Algrave such as the Town Centre Bus.

Airport shuttle buses are operated by Air Portugal and cost €14 per person one way, with a return ticket available for €25 so you can make the most of your day at the Algrave or Lagos beaches before returning to Faro Airport in time for your flight back home. You can also book Faro airport Transfers.

Madeira Airport

If you are holidaying on the Azores Islands then you are likely to fly into Cristiano Ronaldo International Airport, Madeira. Airlines operating from Madeira include Lufthansa, Iberia Flights and Luft Air.

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