Alvor is one of the most beautiful seaside resorts in the Algarve and an ideal destination if you want to spend a relaxing holiday on the beach. Once a fortified town and fishing port, Alvor has become a charming and mature holiday destination. The town is situated on the banks of the Alvor estuary and overlooks the protected wetlands of the Ria de Alvor Nature Reserve south of Praia, which has one of the largest sandy beaches in the region.

Welcome to Alvor

From the square you can take a short and pleasant walk along the river to get a feel for the landscape. There are a number of restaurants that are considered to be the tastiest seafood in the region. If fishing is not your thing, the city has a good selection of restaurants serving traditional Portuguese dishes and curries.

Praia Alvor – The Best Beach in Alvor

From Praia Alvor, within walking distance of the town centre, there is the main beach of Alvors, a kilometre long sandy beach. Its cliffs and rocks attract thousands of tourists every year, many of whom enjoy kayaking along the cliffs. Walk in the opposite direction from the new fishing huts and the marina where most people live and you will find yourself on the huge golden sand of Alvor Beach.

Wildlife in Alvor

The beach is also home to a nature reserve that hosts a great variety of wildlife: fish, birds, insects and turtles, all of which offer beautiful photo opportunities. Covering an area of 1700 hectares, it comprises a diverse mix of habitats, from brushwood forests to agricultural land that includes estuaries, dunes, marshes, salt pans, Quinta da Rocha and the Abicada peninsula.

In the 18th century, the main façade is highlighted by an entrance, while the interior is in baroque style, with the main altar in revivalist style and a rococo chapel.

In addition to the temples listed as civil parishes, Alvor houses three Morabitos, including Morabito de Sao Joao, Morabillo de Sao Pedro (Morabito Anexo) and Sacristia da Igreja do Matriz. The Ria do Alvor (Alvor estuary) is located in the city of Lagos, Portimao. Alvor, the capital of the municipality of Alvor, is located on the southern coast of the city and is surrounded by the neighboring municipalities of Mexilhoeira Grande (municipality of Portimao), Lagos Parish and Odiaxere.

History of Alvor

Taken over by the Moors in 716, the settlement received the name Albur and an impressive castle, the remains of which are still preserved. Alvor developed into an important Moorish fortified town known as “Albur,” conquered by King Sancho I in 1189 during the Christian crusade. In the 14th century, Alvor was strengthened to defend itself against pirate raids, and the beloved Portuguese King John II died there in 1495.

The history of Alvor is long and dates back to the 4th century BC. Alvor lived with his wife Sigrid, his daughter Dorthe and his uncle Hadvar.

Hadvar sent you to him after he had helped you to escape your execution in Helgen. The Jarl of Balgruuf, the Great of Whiterun, offered to help you when he allowed you to take most of the objects from his house and the ingots from his forge. Ask him to entrust you with the production of basic weapons and clothing with various tools, as well as an introduction to forging.

As a blacksmith, Alvor works during the day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. in his blacksmith’s shop and then spends an hour in the house of Dorthe and Sigrids. At 9pm he visits the Sleeping Giant, where he meets other regulars for two hours. He returns to his family at 11pm and spends another hour wandering before going to bed at midnight to sleep for six hours.

Other Places to Visit near Alvor


Ferragudo is less touristy than Praia da Rocha which means that prices tend to be a little cheaper but also tend to be fuller, so consider this if you are looking for a more discreet and relaxed holiday. This is a charming small town in Alvor that has many people. Alvor has the advantage of being close to the central Algarve. So while the central area is surrounded by a holiday atmosphere and a variety of activities, Alvor is more remote and does not feel overrun by hordes of packed tourists.

The calm, long sandy beaches, golden dunes and crystal clear waters are the reason why it is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the Algarve. Often overlooked is the popularity of Portimao in Lagos, where classic regional houses, gorgeous beaches and delicious restaurants make an ideal romantic getaway. The perfect location is within walking distance of the city, the beach and the supermarket.


Visit the neighbouring town of Portimao and use the free shuttle service to check in at the hotel on time. Before you head out of the hotel in search of a kayak, you should refine your research on the neighborhood and choose the central Alvor district. Learn how to get to Riverwood and find the main characters to talk to in our step-by-step guide.

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