Things to do in Portimao

Portugal is one of the top holiday destinations in Europe. With hot weather, sunny beaches and an unbelievable amount of history, Portugal is for sure a bucket list country to visit. While some may prefer the bustling, busy cities of Lisbon or Porto, others may prefer some of the quieter, historic towns. One of these many towns is Portimao.

Introduction to Portimao

Portimao can be found in the south of Portugal in the very popular region of the Algarve. The Algarve is Portugal’s southernmost area and is famous for its beaches as well as stunning golf courses. As the name suggests, Portimao is one of the port towns that can be found in the Algarve region. The town itself is best known for its bust marinas, the old quarter of the town and, of course, the many fantastic beaches that are close by. A stand out location in the port town is the museum or Museu de Portimao. The museum is housed in a 19th century cannery which has been refurbished in order to house loads of local history from the town.

things to do in Portimao

Top Things to do in Portimao

So, what are some other stand out locations in the beautiful town of Portimao?

Benagil Caves

Well, first, there are the Benagil Caves. The caves are located along the coast of Portimao and excursion company Get Your Guide offers an excellent trip. For just £27.28 per person, you can go on a 2 and a half hour cruise from the town to the caves. Also, on this excursion, you will be able to listen to a live tour guide as well as receive a complimentary ice tea drink. A real selling point of this excursion is that you will have a chance to look for wild dolphins which can often be seen swimming in the water. In addition, you will have the chance to stop in a safe location and get out of the boat to swim in the Algarve sea. Follow the link to book your trip. (​ -t101492?utm_force=0​)

Arade River to Silves

Next, you may be interested in another boat trip however, this time, you will be sailing along the Arade River before getting off at the medieval town of Silves. This trip is a great option if you would like to be on a boat but prefer calmer, more still water. This trip is also £27.28 per person and, for this price, you’ll have the chance to sail down the peaceful river and look out for some of the local wildlife such as storks, herons, flamingoes and turtles as well as listen to a live tour guide. You’ll then have the chance to get off of the boat and explore SIlves, the City of Portugal’s Kings. Follow the link for more information and the chance to book (​ edieval-city-t216582?utm_force=0​)

Skydiving in Portimao

If you’re more of a thrillseeker, then Get Your Guide still has a perfect excursion for you. For £176.04 per person, you can be whisked up into the sky on a plane from up to 15,000 feet before jumping out of and skydiving down to the warm ground of Portimao. You’ll jump with a professional instructor and get to enjoy the views of Portugal from above before safely landing. This trip is a total of 4 hours long and skydiving goggles and a jumpsuit will be provided. Click the link to book your jump. (​ eet-t164694?utm_force=0​)

Walking tour of Portimao Old Town

For those who enjoy history, you may be more interested in the historical walking tour of Portimao courtesy of Get Your Guide. This excursion costs £25.46 per person and lasts for 2 hours. During this trip, you will walk around the Portiamo with a knowledgeable guide, taking in the many sights and learning all about the town’s economic development as it went into the 21st century. It is advised to bring comfortable shoes and clothing and it is also important to note that food and drink will not be provided on this excursion and so be sure to bring your own water in order to stay hydrated. Click the link to book now. (​ 8?utm_force=0​)

Tour of Portimao and Agarve Coast

If you want to see the sights that aren’t a fan of the long walks, then Get Your Guide has got you covered. For £145.49 per group up to 2 people, you can go on a tour of Portimao and the Algarve coast in a scooter or convertible car. Each tour will have a guide with you to tell you more about the area. The guide will lead you to some of the best spots around the region such as national parks, river springs and mountains. Also, you will get the chance to try some of the region’s best products such as honey, jam and some liqueurs. Follow the link for more details and your chance to book this excellent excursion. (​ vor-t69367?utm_force=0​)

So, there you have, Portimao is filled with some incredible areas that you can visit. There are beautiful sights that are perfect for keen photographers, calm river cruises for those looking for some relaxation, excursions for those looking for some extra thrill in life as well as some detailed tours for those interested in the history of the town. Whatever you fancy, Get Your Guide has you covered! Be sure to check out the site for information on the trips mentioned above as well as to check out the many other excursions they have to offer in Portimao! (​,%20Algarve&searchSource=2&utm_for ce=0&p=2​)

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