What to Pack for Portugal

Portugal is a fantastic holiday destination – there is truly something for everyone! You can visit the bustling cities of Lisbon and Porto where you are sure to be thrown straight into the country’s amazing culture as well as doing some well needed retail therapy. On the other hand, you may prefer to travel to the south of the country to the Algarve region. Here, in places such as Portimao and Silves, you are sure to find golden sand beaches and feel the warmth of the Portuguese sun. Also, these areas are steeped in some of the most interesting parts of the country’s history as well as featuring some of its best sites such as national parks and mountain ranges.

What to Pack for Portugal? Preparing for all Weathers

Wherever you end, it is very important to pack all the necessary items for your holiday to Portugal. It’s important to take into account the area you will be staying as well as any excursions you may be going on in order to ensure you take appropriate clothing and other items with you. In addition, it is also important to note that Portugal, like other ​Mediterranean countries, can experience some sudden rainfall, so be prepared for any sort of weather conditions.

So, what to Pack for Portugal?

  • Money
  • Passport
  • Credit card and bank card
  • Money belt or light day pack
  • Laptop and charger
  • Phone and charger
  • Sunglasses
  • Suncream/sunblock
  • Walking boots or hiking shoes
  • Comfortable sandals or shoes
  • Camera, charger and spare batteries
  • Shorts
  • T-shirts
  • Walking socks
  • Underwear
  • Dresses/trousers and shirt
  • 1 pair comfortable jeans
  • Sweatshirt or fleece
  • Rain jacket (incase of poor weather days!)

Packing and Shopping Guide


Well, you are most certainly going to want to bring a good pair of sunglasses with you. The sun in Portugal can be very strong and bright and you definitely don’t want to miss the country’s incredible sights as a result of it. Even during the winter the sun in Portugal is very bright and so it’s important to carry some protection. An excellent pair of sunglasses are the Horn Rimmed Half Frame Polarized Sunglasses made by GQueen which can be purchased on Amazon for just under £15. These sunglasses are UV protection coated and, being polarized, stop light reflection from surfaces affecting your eyes. They are great quality and perfect for that bright Portuguese sunshine.

The next thing you should consider packing for your trip to Portugal are a comfortable pair of shoes. The terrain in Portugal varies. A real selling point is the old fashioned, cobbles streets which, as nice as they are, could leave you uncomfortable while walking. Also, of course, there are the sandy beaches that could be a bit awkward on your feet as well as the more mountainous areas of the country. A great pair of shoes are the Lightweight, Breathable, Waterproof Trainers made by Dykhmily. These trainers are very comfortable and are made of a mesh material allowing air to circulate around them when being worn. They are also non-slip making them a safer option for the rougher terrain in the country. These trainers can be bought on Amazon for just under £45.

Another important thing to bring with you is a camera. Now, some people may prefer to take photographs in their phones however, for those who want an more affordable camera to snap some shots, the Digital Compact Camera is an excellent choice. This particular camera is manufactured by reputable brand, Sony, and can be purchased on Amazon for just under £90 – a great price for a decent camera!. The camera has a crisp zoom allowing you to capture shots from far away as well as a feature that allows you to take panorama shots as this camera can stitch multiple pictures together. You are also able to take videos and make small movies with this camera in order to create great memories of your holiday to Portugal.

As previously mentioned, the weather in Portugal is unpredictable and can be hit and miss at times – that’s why it’s important to be prepared for all weather conditions. As a result of this, it’s important to take a raincoat with you and Lightweight, Waterproof Jacket made by Ysento is a perfect choice. As the name suggests, this raincoat is lightweight meaning it’s easy to carry and won’t take up much weight allowance in your suitcase. This jacket is also windproof and made up of a soft fabric which allows it to be breathable while also keeping water from getting in. This is an important purchase for any excursions you may be doing in Portugal and is easy enough to carry with you whether it is needed or not.

Lastly, a fantastic item to take with you to Portugal is a travel guide. A good option is the Portugal Travel Guide created by DK Eyewitness. A travel guide allows you to see any key places that are close by as well as providing a map where you will be able to find the closest amenities such as bars, restaurants and shops. This particular travel guide is illustrated which will make things a lot clearer and easier to find and also features suggested itineraries as well as advice on how to get around the country safely and effectively. This can be purchased on Amazon for just over £12.

So to conclude, there are just a few items that are great to take with you on a trip to Portugal. These will ensure you are prepared for any possible weather conditions, can travel around the area and comfortably and should hopefully stop you getting lost. Of course, it’s also important to remember other necessary items such as sun cream, your passport and other identification and a wallet or purse with either euros or a bankcard – without those, your holiday won’t be as enjoyable!

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