Bike Rentals in Lisbon

You will probably fly into Lisbon if you are spending time in Portugal. Lisbon is a great starting place for any trip to Portugal and it has the largest airport in Portugal. You can rent a bike to use in Lisbon or for further a field.

Cycling in Lisbon

Remember that Lisbon itself is very hilly and there are many cobbled stones in the city centre, and so it’s not the most ideal place for cycling. However, cycling along the river to Belem is a lovely ride and you can also cycle along the estuary in the modern side of town – Parque de Nacoes.


Cycling in Portugal

Many people also take bikes on the trains in Portugal (get it on the correct carriage and don’t block the door!) as there are beautiful cycle routes around the country in the Algarve, Alenjejo and North of Porto. Some people even cycle the full length of Portugal on the National Road 2.

Bike Rentals in Lisbon

So if you are looking for bike rentals in Lisbon, here are some of the best places….

Map of Bike Rentals in Lisbon

Lisbon Bike rentals – Av 24 de Julho 4a

Lisbon Bike rentals is top of our list for bike rentals in Lisbon. It’s not just a bike rental, it’s a proper shop and offers bike fixing services as well. The staff are very helpful.

Bikeiberia tours and rentals – Largo do Corpo Santo 5

Bikeiberia have a good selection of electric mountain bikes and city hybrid bikes (the hybrid means that the bike is a mix of mountain and city bike) to choose from. They also run bike tours around Portugal that you can book. You can arrange to have your bikes picked up at your final destination so that you don’t have to lug them all the way back to Lisbon!

Bike a Wish – R. das Fontainhas A São Lourenço

Bike a wish is just a few minutes walk from Castelo Sao George. They are good value and rent out good quality bikes. The staff are helpful and will help you to plan your route.

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