Can you drink Tap Water in Portugal?

Considering how much time I spend in Portugal. I often get asked ‘Can you drink tap water in Portugal?’ The simple answer is – yes you can. Tap water in Portugal is generally safe to drink, although you may opt for bottled water out of personal choice.

What to know before you drink tap water in Portugal

Tap water here in Portugal routinely undergoes testing for purity as well as bacteria levels. However, many locals will drink bottled instead due to an unpopular opinion about tap water. But don’t let those myths get between you and some good hydration – read on below to learn more!

Can you drink tap water in Portugal? Is it safe?

You may be surprised to learn that in Portugal, drinking tap water is generally safe. However, before they joined the European Union and adopted strict regulation on their plumbing systems there were many cases where people had issues with bacteria or even toxins making their way into some of our most precious resources: Water!

Nowadays it’s not uncommon at all for locals who live close enough (or far away) from an urban area such as Lisbon-City which has been heavily influenced by tourists because so much time was spent building up infrastructure since joining Europe.

So, it turns out that 98.6% of the water is safe for humans to drink! If you are looking at a particular area in Portugal and wondering if it’s okay or not- there’s an easy way to find this data set here – just search through each municipality individually with keywords like “water”.

How is the Bottled Water in Portugal?

In Portugal, bottled water is a popular alternative to tap since many people enjoy the improved taste and convenience. A 1.5-litre bottle from your local Portuguese supermarket can be as cheap as 10 cents per litre! You can find some great local brands, such as Luso by SCC. There are also other popular names like Pedras Vidago Vitalis Frize in this area of Portugal!

Can I request tap water in a restaurant?

The price of bottled water in Portuguese restaurants is quite expensive, usually costing around €4-5 per large bottle. The same size bottle probably costs less than a euro at your local supermarket and you won’t get served tap unless specifically asked for it. Though Tap water in a jar is the new bottled. If you ask for it, restaurants are no longer allowed to serve their customers with anything but glass bottles and jars! This recent regulation has made all of our lives better by providing us access to cleaner drinking options.

In conclusion, If you’re new to Portugal, the first thing you’ll notice is that bottled water seems to be everywhere. Not only are restaurants serving it, but people will often ask if they can have a bottle of water rather than tap when ordering coffee or tea. This makes sense at first glance since fresh drinking water isn’t readily available in many countries and doesn’t taste as good as some other options on offer. But what’s not so obvious? The reality is that 98% of your tap water is safe for human consumption according to Portuguese standards! You can drink from any public fountain without worry – just make sure there’s no litter around before taking a sip – and even use it with ice cubes in summer drinks like lemonade iced tea.

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