Aveiro River Cruise

Ria de Aveiro was formed in the sixteenth century as a result of two events: first, when Portuguese fishermen decided to use this area for their retreats from sea battles and second; later on – during construction on coastal cords which would eventually form an extensive lagoon. An Aveiro river cruise is one of the most popular tourist activities in Aveiro.

It has a length of 45 kilometers and a breadth between 11 and 12 kilometers. More than 6,000 of these acres are continuously submerged. In order to get to the sea, you have to go via a little canal that cuts across the São Jacinto Barra’s coast.

The Ria is a key player in the development of Portugal. It unites people and territory together, while also preserving harmony with nature through its biodiversity-rich watersheds throughout all regions.

The rivers help make up one big family by bringing everyone down to Earth; they bring us closer than ever before because these natural resources can enhance life anywhere there’s water!

What to Expect on your Aveiro River Cruise

The canals are perfect for a leisurely ride! The boats are traditional, with high sides that create the sense of being inside one. You’ll get great views from their waterways and maybe even spot some dolphins swimming by your side – it’s absolutely beautiful out there on these waters. 

Take a 45-minute trip on a classic Moliceiro boat around Aveiro. The Ria de Aveiro’s Central Canal is a good place to begin. From Rossio’s park to the Capitania of the Port of Aveiro’s historic structure, through the heart of the city.

The Antonio Maria Campos brick factory, where the Aveiro Cultural and Congress Center and other public services were created, may be reached by following another canal that originally functioned as a waterway.

You’ll also want to take a ride along Canal das Pirámides (the Pyramids Canal), which was created in 1808 to connect an older canal with a newer one. During the summer months, you’ll be able to see a stunning landscape made up of hundreds of tiny white pyramids of salt.

The Aveiro Moliceiros Tradition

A conventional moliceiro will be roughly 15m long and 2m broad, with very low sides and a flat bottom to hold as much seaweed as possible. They were traditionally sailed, but are now powered by an engine. Only at regattas and traditional shows will you see a moliceiro boat sailing the traditional way.

While the shape of the boats, with their curving fronts and huge back ends, is pleasing to the sight, it is the artwork that really makes the moliceiro boats stand out. Each boat is a one-of-a-kind work of art, with painted pictures of typical Aveiro sceneries on the bow and stern. It may be a Saint, but it’s more likely to be a celebrity or a humorous take on ordinary life.

Is it safe to ride on a moliceiro?

A moliceiro boat is an iconic vessel in Portugal, often used to ferry tourists around. They’re not very high above the water but they can hold their weight and many users have never had any safety problems with them – I’m sure you’ll be fine!

Ticket and price

To make a reservation, just go to the Get Your Guide website, choose your favorite language, and then pay the amount of € 13 per adult.

It takes approximately 45 minutes to take a boat ride around Aveiro.

Pre-arrange with the tour company to find out the language your trip will be conducted in, as they offer tours in a variety of languages.

Point of Meeting

Address: Cais: Jardim do Rossio, 3800-273 Aveiro, Portugal

We will meet at Viva Ria. Your tour guide will be identified by a red shirt.

On the ticket purchase site, the time and date of the meeting is always clearly stated, so you may easily choose the time and day that works best for you.


  • Experience the waterways of Aveiro from the back of a classic Moliceiro boat.
  • Learn about the city’s history while you explore it.
  • Views of the Aveiro from its rivers will leave you speechless.

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