Costa de Caparica

Costa de Caparica is located on the Tagus at the mouth of the Almada, about 10 km south of Lisbon. It is known for its extensive beaches, which with a length of over 30 kilometers are the largest continuous beaches in Portugal. Part of the municipality of Elmada, it is a typical Portuguese seaside resort.

Costa da Caparica is a stunning 26 km of coastline with beautiful sandy beaches, mighty Atlantic waves and a beautiful natural landscape that stretches along the west side of the Setubal peninsula. It is surrounded by the Arriba fossils, a magnificent series of cliffs accessible from Lisbon and Almada. Despite its name as the largest city in the region, it is also a modern and lively health resort.

Located on the south side of the Tagus River, Costa da Caparica has a long stretch of sandy, clean beaches suitable for all types of beach-goers. It has a traditional fishing village (Fonte da Telha), a pretty lagoon (Lagoa do Al bufeira) and a vast expanse of pristine beaches.

Caparica stretches from Cabo Espichel along the Costa da Caparica, its sandy expanse bordered by acacia and eucalyptus trees and the sienna-colored cliffs. The best known is the town of Caparica in the first five miles south. It is a city that is very popular with the Portuguese and a must for anyone taking a day trip from Lisbon. The city is a friendly and simple affair with all the usual tourist trappings and facilities.

Costa da Caparica is well known in Portugal and popular with Lisbon residents in the summer months. This coastline has plenty of great value restaurants, cafés and beach bars, and a lively holiday atmosphere in the summer that is unlike anywhere else in the area.

It is a great day trip from Lisbon to enjoy Portugal’s beaches and find accommodation if you want to explore the city and save money on accommodation. The endless expanse of fine golden sand overlooking the deep blue Atlantic Ocean offers a series of beaches, each of which has its own charm and character. While Portugal is full of cities to drive past, Costa de Caparica conjures up a contemporary atmosphere with tall modern homes and long promenades linking the many beach bars.

If you are looking for a beach holiday in the immediate vicinity of Lisbon, then Costa da Caparica is your destination. Along this long strip of white sand that stretches from Cabo Espichel, 30 kilometers to the south, there are dozens of beaches. Whether you want to celebrate peacefully on a surf beach, break out a strip of your birthday suit on the beach, you can do it on the Costa da Caparica.

To get to the south of the Costa da Caparica (and I recommend it), you can take the tourist train Transpraia, which operates only in summer and goes up and down the coast to various beaches. Alternatively, this is the only option if it is not already in use at Uber. Once on the island, you can walk to the beach at the northern end.

If you are at the aforementioned Nova Praia beach, you will see on the left side of the road a small railway line used by Transpraia during the high season (June to September) to bring people from the beach to Fonte da Telha beach along a 9 km route. The line, inaugurated in the 1960s, offered visitors the opportunity to enjoy the beach from the city centre, at a time when a car was not as common as it is today. In the past, many people used the route to get to the different beaches, today people have to drive.

Costa da Caparica is, as the correct name suggests, an uninterrupted and seemingly endless, 1.5 km long dune landscape surrounded by sand. It can be visited in low season by walking along the small railway line used by Transpraia (in high season, from June to September, to take people to Fonte da Telha Beach, which is about 1 km away), admiring the back of the fishermen’s houses, meansdering along the fine sand of the local beach and getting a different view of the place. In order to discover the fossil cliffs and the protected landscape of the Costa da Caparica, which are located about 10 km from the city center, I recommend a hike, as there is a 15 km long circular walk.

Even if you are not a beach person, if you like sightseeing, Costa da Caparica has something to offer you. The west coast of Setubal district has a stunning 30 km of coastline with sandy beaches overlooking the mighty Atlantic Ocean. Setubal has a thriving expat community and a historical centre. You can reach the official nudist beach in Portugal, Praia do Mecos, located 30 km south of Fonte da Telha.

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