Travel Guide: The Coast of Portugal

The coast of Portugal is a fantastic place to spend a holiday or even move to live there as an expat. It’s much cooler on the coast than inland and where you decided to visit will depend a lot on what you want from the ocean. The Silver Coast, Lisbon Coast and Alentejo coast is perfect for surfers due to the Atlantic waves. The Algarve offers warmer and calmer waters for those who enjoy swimming and relaxing.

The Northern Coast

The Northern coast is made up of the Douro and Minho Regions which are perfect for those who love the beach and architecture. There is a great variety of choices here, whether you like sunbathing or water sports. Here there are beaches for different types of water sports like sailing, windsurfing, and even kite surfing. There are numerous hotel and apartment options available so you can really pick the type of accommodation to suit you. The waters around the Douro River are perfect for surfing with waves a good six feet or so.

The Silver Coast

The silver coast of Portugal lies about 200km from the capital city of Lisbon but is accessible by highway or rail transport which run between Lisbon and Aveiro. It includes the popular destinations of Aveiro, Nazare and Peniche.

The Lisbon Coast

Two of the best beaches are Cascais and Sesimbra, but just as you leave the beach, there are many restaurants and bars to choose from. The coastline to the North of Lisbon is well connected by train – if you go to Cais do Sodre you can get the train to Carcevelos, Estoril and Cascais, all which have excellent beaches. Your Lisbon Metro card will work on this train as long as it’s topped up enough! The beaches to the South of Lisbon on Costa Caparica can be accessed by Bus or Uber.

The Alentejo Coast

The Alentejo coast is rich in history. It has many archeological sites dating back to pre-history and there are incredible Roman ruins in the area. 100km of the Alentejo coast is natural park, so there are few hotels directly on the beach. You can also go horse riding along the Alentejo coast.

The Algarve

The climate in the Algarve is much better than in the capital and due to the sea it’s perfect for swimers, windsurfers and people who enjoy boating. The coast also offers great restaurants, vineyards, good beaches and shopping. Southern Portugal This region is more relaxed and you might see more locals. In particular, you might even see fishermen who work all day in the sun, living in little cottages at the end of the harbour and learning to catch sardines with their own hands.


With a little help from your travel agent, you will be able to find a place that suits you. Are there any other places along the coast of Portugal that you love? Comment on the blog below and perhaps we will add them!

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