Silver Coast Portugal – A Guide to the Best Destinations

The silver coast Portugal is located in the north west of Portugal. It stretches from Estoril to Ovar and includes several other towns and villages along its length such as Nazere, Cambelas, Estoril and Aveiro.  The silver coast lies about 200km from the capital city of Lisbon but is accessible by highway or rail transport which run between Lisbon and Aveiro.  Further along the silver coast towards Peniche you can catch ferries that travel from Leixoes (near Porto) across to UK ports.

Reasons to visit or live on the Silver Coast

Tourism has really developed on this stretch of northern portuguese coastline with a number of resorts now providing quality holiday homes and resort facilities.

–  silver coast towns are great for beach lovers

There is a good selection of beaches on the silver coast with thousands of sun beds and plenty of space around to ensure that you can always find room in the shade. Most silver coast resorts now have some sort of facility available such as paddle or pedal boats for hire or small amusement park rides for younger children. The silver coast also has more active pursuits such as wind surfing and kite flying so you can enjoy parasailing, water sports and other activities even if you have never done it before.

– silver coast beaches are full of life with bars, cafes and restaurants lining the shoreline in many places offering refreshments as well as afternoon relaxation sessions when visitors need a break from the sun.

– silver coast ports and marinas provide a gateway for international travellers

The silver coast boasts fantastic scenic views to enjoy as you travel into portugal using ferries or local boat tours. There are plenty of bays, coves and other natural attractions to explore at any time during the year. 

– silver coast holiday homes

There is a huge range of silver coast holiday homes available in all price ranges so there is something for everyone whether they like simplicity or luxury and even if on a budget silver coast properties let you really make the most out of your European getaway with plenty of facilities available nearby.  

Best Destinations along the Silver Coast


Aveiro is a coastal city with 48,000 inhabitants in the Baixo Vouga Subregion on the Atlantic Ocean coast, located in the Centro Region of Portugal. The old historic centre and popular beaches are just 100 km away from Porto, 40 km north to Lisbon, 10 km south to Coimbra and 20 km west to Vagos.

Figueira da foz

One of the jewels in Portugal’s crown is Figueira da Foz. It is a charming town nestled between the ocean and the river Mondego which flows into the Atlantic Ocean at Figueira da Foz .The city has a great deal to offer, from museums to stunning coastal scenery, fine restaurants, beautiful parks and gardens all within easy reach of many tourist destinations such as Obidos Castle and Alcobaça Monastery. As you travel through Figueira da Foz along its spectacular waterfront promenade it is very easy to see why this city was awarded “Best European Destination 2011.”


Nazare lies on the northern coast of Portugal near Lisbon in Oeste Subregion, the Região de Aveiro. Nazare is a popular summer destination for visitors to Portugal but many also choose to live here year round. The town lies on the Atlantic Ocean coast and has beautiful views north along the coastline to Cabo Sao Vicente and south towards Lisbon.

There are several beaches around Nazare with varying degrees of access from the town centre. These include Praia do Peixe which is accessed directly from within town or via walking tracks through nearby pine forests, Praia da Oura which offers direct beach access as well as being home to one of the local fishing fleets and bird watching areas such as Miradouro da Garça which offers fantastic sight lines across both land and sea due to its vantage point.

Nazere is a special place to live and work with an abundance of natural beauty, year round sunshine, good infrastructure, fantastic opportunities for sport and recreation and the friendliness of the local Portuguese people who all add up to make Nazare a popular choice for expatriates looking to relocate to Portugal.


A charming seaside village in the west of Portugal next to Obidos and Fatima Peniche is built along a beautiful coastline. The coast features many cliffs and sandy beaches with beautiful views out over the Atlantic Ocean, this area of western Portugal has some of the best surfing water on the whole Iberian peninsular. Peniche is a popular holiday destination but also offers permanent residency for those looking to relocate here from abroad.


Cambelas  is a vibrant little town situated in the Region of Região de Aveiro and is very close to larger city of Figueira da Foz . The newer developed resort area is located on the famous Costa Vicentina which stretches along this coast all the way to Cabo de Sao Vicente. It has easy access from many European countries via the nearby airports such as Lisbon Airport, Porto or even Faro. There are plenty of accommodation options available here for either holidays or permanent residency.


Estoril is a seaside resort town with approximately 30,000 inhabitants in southwestern Portugal. Most foreigners living here are expatriates from other parts of western Europe who have settled permanently after holidaying in the area for many years, although there are a number of British residents. Estoril is located on a cliff above the Atlantic Ocean. The town prospered from tourism in the early 20th century but was badly damaged by a tsunami triggered by an earthquake in 1952 which killed around 300 people. It has since been rebuilt and now attracts visitors and residents again, particularly during high season.

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