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A holiday in Guia will take you through quiet villages in the Algarve, modern shopping malls and a handful of authentic Portuguese restaurants. Casa de Guia is a beautiful two bedroom and two bathroom villa located on the charming Quinta dos Alamos estate in downtown Guia. There you will find a wide range of facilities and local restaurants, many of which specialise in famous local dishes such as Chicken Piri Piri. The city is home to some of the best shopping in the Algarve, with the largest shopping centre, the Hypermarket Continente, and a 9-screen cinema.

Many of the apartments in Guia are modern, bright and airy, with access to a pool and facilities shared by residents of the building. Casa Guia is new for 2021 and has a third bedroom and can be booked as a two- or three-room apartment depending on occupancy. For bookings in winter and low season, the accommodation offers central heating and a fireplace (the owner will provide the wood).

The Algarve Shopping Centre, the largest shopping complex in the region, is just a few minutes away by car. Albufeira, a city famous for its nightlife and wonderful old town, is just a 10-minute drive away. One of several large water parks in the Algarve, Aquashow, is part of a larger theme park complex, about an hour’s drive from Albufeira.

Guia is a town and municipality in the Portuguese municipality of Albufeira in the Algarve, about 5 kilometers from the coast. Praia da Oura Praia Da Oura, Blue Flag Beach, Alufeuira, Portugal.

The hermitage of Nossa Senhora da Guia was built in 1600, and the city of Guia became a parish in 1617, but local stories tell little about how the city came into being. According to local oral tradition, Guia was founded when the Virgin Mary appeared to men. Why this was the reason for the founding of the city is hard to say.

Guia has become a popular destination in the Algarve in recent years due to the proximity to Albufeira and the nearby beaches of Praia dos Salgados and Praia da Gale do Oeste. Guia is also known in Portugal as the home of the chicken piri piri, which has become famous in the world of the Nando’s food chain. If you want to experience the delicious chicken and the delicious food that goes with it, you should stop in Guia when you are in the region.

Many say that the towns of Guia on the Algarve coast have some of the best Piri Piri chickens in Portugal. The sheer number of Piri Piri restaurants and churrasqueria suggests that there is a meeting of minds, and they share the enthusiasm for the country’s most popular chicken dish.

Order Piri Piri Chicken in Guia and you will be surprised how petite the chicken is compared to our giant breast chicken. It is said that the dish was invented in Angola and Mozambique by Portuguese settlers who arrived with chilli peppers, and is known in Swahili as piri. A PiriPiri chicken dish in the Algarve consists of chicken cut into pieces, plated and fried, and served with a tomato and onion salad.

Ramires is a favourite, a favourite because of his legacy, but there are plenty of other churrasqueiras in Guia and the rest of the Algarve who have managed to win the hearts and stomachs of locals. If you visit Guia to stay there, a visit to at least one of these places is a must. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the breathtaking coastline and waters of Algars at least once during your stay.

Energetic explorers are taken on kayaking trips to areas with dramatic caves that are inaccessible from land. Watching a dolphin group is a magical experience, and the two-hour 30-minute dolphin hunting trip from Albnabeira Marina includes a visit to the caves and a refreshing swim at each stop along the route.

Along the way we see churches and castles, beautiful caves, creepy caves and hear old stories. It is a fantastic, fun and interesting journey that is more than just a boat trip. Zoomarines Animal Conservation Centre is a family theme park in nearby Guia that combines education with fun.

Open from March to October, with its own transport service to most resorts in the Algarve. If you take the train, you will need to take a taxi to the train station in Guia.

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