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Olhos de Agua is a former freguesia (civic community) in the municipality of Albufeira, Portugal. Dagua is a quiet and friendly fishing village on the sandy coast of the Algarve and nestled against a beautiful backdrop of rusting sandstone cliffs. Dagua is the ultimate holiday destination for those seeking peace and relaxation. Olhos do Dagua, is a picturesque fishing village 5 km east of Albufeira and the same distance from Vilamoura.

A freshwater spring gushing from the sand gives the village its name, which translates as “eye of water.”. The clear, shallow water allows children to paddle and potter for hours while you stretch out on a sun lounger and soak up the sun’s rays. Children are fascinated by the spring and the many rocky pools that make the beach an ideal playground.

The beach and the surrounding region are characteristic red sandstone cliffs and the water is calm and safe for swimming. Within walking distance of Olhos de Agua is Praia do Falesia, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Algarve. The beach stretches over 5 km from the elegant resort of Vilamoura and has little tourist development.

Olhos de Agua has a small but beautiful beach surrounded by typical red sandstone cliffs of the Algarve. Praia do Falesia – Praia do Olhos De Agua is one of the best beaches in the region of Al bufeira. As you can see, the beach is surrounded by sandstone cliffs and is located just outside the town of Prahia da Falesia.

At low tide you can see the incredible freshwater springs that lie beneath the rocks (the inspiration for the name of the city) and really catch the eye.

The beach offers a quality selection of facilities and services, including a fantastic Seafront Restaurant where you can enjoy a delicious dinner with fresh fish from the ocean. Other restaurants on the beach have beautiful sea views, such as Cigale and Caixote. Just a short walk away is Praia de Falesia, one of the most beautiful beaches in the region, which stretches over 5 km from Vilamoura.

The beach is a good destination for people who like to be close to the city, especially when there are large crowds. A good tip is to go west on the right and look towards the sea, where the part of the beach with the best view is located.

Despite the small size of Praia do Olhos de Agua, it can feel very crowded at high tide. There is a quiet and slow life in olhos dagua so that it does not become a tourist trap like the nearby cities of Albufeira and Vilamoura, which means that the beach is rarely crowded.

Praia da Falesia is such a beach with beautiful golden sand, lined with sun loungers and bars and dotted with shallow rocky pools. The beach of Olhos de Agua is made for love and runs till the early hours of the morning, even if it is empty.

Olhos de Agua used to be a small fishing village, but its beach has become a popular tourist destination. Over the years, the village has expanded to the north to cope with the increasing number of tourists. The village has its charm and the beach has preserved its beauty over the years.

The small fishing village of Olhos de Agua (The eye of the water) takes its name from a freshwater source found at the eastern end of the beach. The small fishing village is called Agua because along the beach and the coast there are several fresh water springs. The name translates as “Eye of the Water” and its name is a description of the freshwater springs that gush from the beach of Aguas.

Olhos de Agua beach is as picturesque and traditional as possible for the Algarve. For older children, it is the closest large water park in the region, so they are not exposed to the drunken silliness of the larger cities. Youngsters may prefer Albufeira, Praia da Rocha or Lagos to experience the holiday atmosphere.

Fishing boats dock on the soft golden sandy beach and overlook a series of fishing huts used by older fishermen. It is a cozy fishing village where you can watch fishermen hauling in their catch, ready to be grilled for the night in a friendly restaurant.

On the beach you can practice a variety of water sports such as surfing, body boarding and kitesurfing. Massages, aromatherapy and hydrotherapy are also planned. Guests can also play tennis on the Balaias “4 tennis courts, rent bicycles and explore the Albnabeira district.

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