Guide to Tomar Portugal

Tomar is a beautiful city in the central region of Portugal. The entire area is surrounded by churches and monasteries and has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

What to do in Tomar

There are plenty of things to do when visiting Tomar, including exploring its historic centre, experiencing the nightlife, biking along the riverfront, or even going on a wine tasting tour! Read more about all of these activities (and more) below.

Explore Tomar’s Historic Centre

You can experience what life was like over 800 years ago in this little Portuguese town that has managed to preserve much of its history thanks to its medieval-style buildings and cobblestone streets.

Visit the numerous Churches and Monasteries: The plethora of medieval churches and monasteries will take your breath away as you tour this part of Portugal. Locals who live within or very close to these neighbourhoods are known for their ability to keep street-side shutters closed, as it is illegal to enter a church during church hours. Don’t miss the Convent of Christ – one of Tomar’s main historical sites.

Take in the Nightlife: Modern and contemporary culture are represented in the bars, clubs, restaurants and theatres that abut Tomar’s picturesque riverfront.

Experience Tomar’s Local Cuisine: The local cuisine is known for its simple and flavourful dishes, including some of the best fish and seafood soup’s you will ever taste.

Enjoy a Wine Tasting Tour: This tour allows you to sample various kinds of wines as you learn about their origins.

Go-Karting in Tomar: Race around the scenic 2km circuit at the kartsports track. It is located just off of Rua General Eugénio Couto in downtown Tomar plus costs €15 for one hour.

Experience the City of Gardens: The city is filled with many beautiful parks and gardens, and is filled with romantic places to sit and relax.

Take a Riverboat Cruise in Tomar: Cruise the Tagus River from Tomar to Leça da Palmeira, passing by several historic towns along the way (also known for canoeing and water sports). Places like Alcobaça, Arraiolos, Idanha-a-Nova, Alcabideche e Crato are all within an hour’s drive from Tomar.

Where to stay in Tomar

  • Tomar has one of the most well known hotels in Portugal: The Hotel Tivoli Palacio de Tomar. This hotel is also a cultural heritage site. It was built in the 1400s and is said to be near where Saint Dominic founded his original monastery.
  • The Pousada Internacional das Três Fronteiras is a central, modern option for travelers who want to experience this historic city in style it was built in 1991 but has been renovated several times since then. It has a rooftop pool and a daily breakfast.
  • The Hotel Cidade Alta is also modern, as well as functional, and has stone walls and tiles. It is located in the Old Town and tends to be booked much earlier in the season.
  • The Hotel Quinta das Portagens is located near the Praca de D. Pedro IV in the West part of town less than two kilometers from the center of Tomar, which makes it ideal for travelers who would like to escape the crowds but still be close enough to walk or catch a bus.

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