Monte Gordo

Monte Gordo is a small town, but has the most necessary services and amenities: pharmacy, bank, children’s playground, tennis courts, several hotels and apartments. Yellow Praia and the Monte Gordo Kids Club, where children will find various ways to have fun during their stay.

Monte Gordo comes alive in summer, when many tourists come to enjoy their holidays on the beach of Praia do Monte Gordo. The most important festivities in the city are the procession Nossa Senhora das Dores, a Catholic festival that takes place on the second Sunday of September. The city is mainly visited by Portuguese and Spanish tourists, but there are also many other nationalities.

The lively resort of Monte Gordo is located on one of the most beautiful beaches in the Eastern Algarve. As such, it attracts a mix of Portuguese, Spanish and international visitors attracted by its vast golden sandy beaches and casinos. The resort’s beaches have some of the best facilities and many restaurants are within walking distance.

One of the most beautiful beaches in the Eastern Algarve has transformed the lively resort of Monte Gordo from a small fishing village into a modern and popular resort. In summer, the city is full of atmosphere and attracts a wide range of nationalities, including many Portuguese who love the region. The main attraction of the resort is the beautiful sandy beach that stretches for 14 km from Altura City to the mouth of the Guadiana River.

The beach is long and wide and offers plenty of space in the high season. It has 14 kilometers of sandy beach, which stretches from the town of Altura to the mouth of the River Guadiana for 14 km. If you’re wondering what a beach at Monte Gordo looks like, watch this short video to find out. In the western Algarve there are steep cliffs, but the beach of Montes Gordos is on the same level as the beach itself and is suitable for visitors.

Monte Gordo can be recognized by the skyscrapers and apartment buildings in the background. To the east of the beach it borders with Praia de Santo Antonio and to the west with Praia Cabeco and Praia Verde. The rural setting of Monte Gordos offers fantastic views of the beautiful scenery of Little Petherick Creek, the Camel Estuary and the port city of Padstow with its many restaurants and shops.

The nearby Camel Trail is a popular and scenic walking and cycling trail that leads you in one direction to the port city of Padstow with its many restaurants and shops and Wadebridge and Bodmin in the other. Other places worth seeing are Cacela Velha, Tavira and Castro Marim.

The wealth of Monte Gordo comes today from tourism thanks to its white sandy beaches, fresh seafood, breathtaking nature trails and local pine forests. The path between Monte Gordos and Vila Real de Santo Antonio is popular for hiking and cycling, and the smell of pine trees will make you happy. The path leads through a large pine forest called Mata Nacional das Dunas de Vila de Real de Santos Antonio.

Faro airport is about 60 km from Monte Gordo and there are many public transport links between the cities, so it is best to rent or book a car to be picked up from the airport in advance.

Monte Gordo is a city in the municipality of Freguesia in Vila Real de Santo Antonio municipality southeast of the Algarve in Portugal. The entire holiday in Monte Gordo can be spent on the beach of the city, and there is much to see and do in the Eastern Algarve. The town has impressive and spacious houses in the small hamlets of Tregonce and St. Issey.

In 3 km west of the Algarve, between the sprawling border city of Vila Real de Santo Antonio and the sleepy fishing village of Monte Gordo lies the last in a long line of popular seaside resorts on Portugal’s southern coast.

Bright and cheerful, the sleepy fishing village of Monte Gordo has become a holiday destination for Portuguese and foreign visitors in recent years. A centuries-old fishing tradition lives on in the village: wives in housecoats emerge from newly built houses to buy the best fresh catches, and local fishermen can be seen riding through the streets on rickety bicycles to deliver their orders. Since democracy, the village has become a popular summer destination for the Portuguese middle class.

Skyscrapers and apartment buildings are a characteristic feature of Monte Gordo in the Eastern Algarve of Portugal, but the landscape that can be seen around them does not affect the overall feel of the city, as it is large and well laid out. The main road through the city separates the seafront from the rest of the city. The side streets of the city are lined with shops, cafés, bars and restaurants, while on the opposite side there is a large open promenade with palm trees and benches and a golden sandy beach along the front.

There are a few restaurants for a while if you want to linger for a while but the one on the right has an upper terrace that offers great panoramic views of the beach, Manta Rota and Villa Monte Gordo against the backdrop of lush green countryside if you come for it.

There are more than 400 plant species as well as various reptiles, amphibians and mammals. The Azucar hammocks stretch out on the private terrace and invite guests to swing between the palm trees.

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