Salema is a hard-working fishing village in the Natural Park of Costa Vincentina, a nature reserve of exceptional natural beauty in the western Algarve in Portugal. Think cobbled streets with tiny blue trims and whitewashed fishermen’s huts littered with chimneys. The lovely village of Salema is a pleasure to walk around at any time of the day, especially in the evening.

A large part of the southern coast of the Algarve is cultivated, with the western end forming the Natural Park of Costa do Vicentina, which remains an unspoilt nature reserve of natural beauty. The tiny town of Salema is just a few minutes from the N125 main road that runs through the region and dotted with small whitewashed houses with blue trim warding off evil spirits and the region’s characteristic barred fireplace pots.

Salema is a small, secluded fishing village on Lake Sagre. Located near Sagre do Lago, the sleepy little village of Salema has escaped the ravages of tourism. But not only the tranquility of the village has been preserved.

The main road to Salema is Rua do Pescadores, home to a number of fishermen who moor their boats on the shore to cast their nets. The development of a large nearby resort and residential building on the outskirts of the village threatens to overwhelm the small town feel, but Salema remains a fantastic, upscale, relaxed small town alternative to the large, bustling tourist towns of the Algarve. There are some great beaches and more to discover than anywhere else in the region.

For example, you can discover the beautiful rock formations of Lagos and see the coast of the Algarve. Day trips nearby include Cape Sagre and Lago, and if you have a car and don’t mind paying bus fees, there are a large number of clubs, bars and museums. You can also rent stand-up paddle boards, bodyboards and kayaks in Praia da Salema.

Salema Beach is one of the most pleasant and authentic stretches of coastline in Portugal. It is a sunny and cozy retreat from the crowded resorts of the Algarve. A real holiday should be spent on a quiet and discreet beach in Portugal, and that awaits you in Salema Beach Village in Nau Hotels Resort in the Algars, in the Parque Natural do sudoeste Alentejano, Costa do Vicentina.

This splendid beach front villa for rent is located in the small village of Salema, a picturesque fishing village in the western part of Algarve. Praia da Salema on the West Coast of the Algarve has been chosen by the British newspaper The Guardian one of the 50 Best Beaches for Luxury Villas and Residençals where the new Vila Vita collection is located. The villa is perched on a cliff with stunning sea views of Salema Beach and the stunning coastline.

It is part of the Natural Park Costa Vicentina, known for its beautiful nature. Praia da Salema is a beach in front of the small fishing village of Salema in Vila do Bispo municipality. Here you will find golden sand, colourful fishing boats and traditional white-painted houses.

The Guardian even called it one of the 50 best beaches in the world, but ended up in 15th place. The 1.5 km long beach with its sugar-fine golden sand is blue flag certified which means it meets the highest standards of water quality, safety and environmental education. A village road winds along the cliffs at the eastern end of Salema and overlooks the beach, where the Atlantico restaurant and bar is located in the middle of the beach.

The restaurant and bar Atlantico seem to serve as a dividing line between Salema’s south beach and the fishermen’s work beach. After parking on the beach in front of the bar, my wife and I shouldered our suitcases and went looking for a B & B room. Salema is a narrow, single street lined with white stucco houses rising from the beach and lined with fishing boats.

In the village of Salema you will find several good apartments, hotels and villas. A four-star holiday park offers townhouses with two or three bedrooms, surrounded by large terraces and a pool. Portuguese restaurants along the narrow streets and on the beach have been around for more than 30 years and are among the best restaurants in the village.

If you go to the beach in Salema at night, you will see six or seven boats on the water with their lights bumbling in the horizon as local fishermen work hard to catch cuttlefish, sardines and octopuses. Most of the fishing business is carried out in the large market of Sagre de Lago. There is a small fishing village here, and the main shopping items are seafood, many of which are sold in local restaurants so you can enjoy them.

In winter, the tractors subsidised by the municipality earn so much that they can continue to pull boats. As many of my favourite places in Europe, Salema is a community of locals who seem to live parallel to the modern world their traditional routines, ignoring tourists who are a necessary part of the local economy. It is a world of peaceful coexistence, and that is what makes it such a joy.

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