The Best Portimao Bars

Today’s blog is all about the best Portimao bars. Portimao is a beautiful traditional Portuguese Port city and is growing in popularity with tourists. Although it’s not as lively as Albufeira regarding nightlife, you can find some great watering holes in Portimao. Here are some of the best…

1. Mourisco Cocktail Bar

Mourisco Cocktail Bar

This bar has been in business since 1990 offering a service of quality and a perfect place to get your booze on. The Arabic style and decorations marry perfectly with the architecture of the bar creating the perfect dim lit atmosphere to enjoy drinks and share laughs. Their menu features classic drinks and some specialty ones with a fun and zingy twist! They also cater to non-alcoholics making virgin versions of the cocktails and offering sweet beverages like milkshakes, juices and infusions. The Mourisco Cocktail Bar is definitely one of the greatest places you can visit during your stay in Portimao – It’s cultural diversity along with the colors, the lights, and the delightful cocktails make it one of the best representations of life and fun in Portugal! 

2. Hickey’s Irish Pub

Hickey’s Irish Pub

It is fair to say that this is one of the most iconic bars in Portimao. Located in the seaside village of Alvor, Hickey’s Irish Pub brightens the ports and the sea with its green light of Irish pride! Now, this is the kind of bar that uncomplicated souls enjoy the most, as their menu relies vastly on beer, spirits and ale. They also offer some bottled alcoholic drinks such as Smirnoff and Wines and have a non-alcoholic menu for those who don’t partake in drinking. Hickey’s truly does it all, as their bar features a Rooftop Terrace and allows people to rent their space and get married in their Irish pub while enjoying a nice cold one! As their family slogan states, they make sure everyone who goes to Hickey’s remembers it forever!

3. Chill Out Bar

Low prices for very high quality food and flawless service! If you’re looking for a Bar in Portimao where you can have fun abroad without breaking the bank, the Chill Out Bar is your best choice. Come in, stay cool, and enjoy the environment around you while you sip on a beer that can cost as low as 1€! Other than the alcoholic beverages and drinks, The Chill Out Bar offers a variety of toasted sandwiches, entrees, snacks and other tasty foods in their menu and cater to the whole family with the addition of their virgin cocktails, juices and infusions. The whole Chill Out Bar experience is meant to bring out joy and that feeling of peace within you!

4. Sunset Bar

This colorful little bar provides an experience that is full of fun. Upon entering the corner bar, it swallows you up as you walk into a wonderful place full of charm and joy! They always make available to guests and customers a wide range of promotions including great opportunities to drink on a budget and have fun while you take in all the colors and the laughs. Some of their special promotions include amazing deals like happy hours and 2 for 1 cocktails. The playful atmosphere within the bar is absolutely intoxicating, as they create a constantly changing environment of colors and great fun and they also feature a pillar of sunglasses that you may take pictures with and interact with as you like! You can see the delightful waters of Portimao while sipping on a cocktail feeling the bliss of visiting Portugal when you visit this little barr inspired by the sun. 

5. The Taproom Alvor

This is by far one of the best Portimao bars to go grab a drink when you’re traveling with your friends and family. The Taproom is a family-style brewery bar that offers beer and ale straight from the tap. They also encourage all of their visitors to come around and play bonding games while they enjoy their drink! Their brightened bar welcomes people with their uniqueness and serves all kinds of craft beer providing an experience that cannot be beat. The owners of the bar are constantly interacting with the visitors and clients to make sure that their service is up to par with their needs, making it feel the more homey, welcoming and fun while enjoying a nice quality ale! Surely, there’s no bar like The Taproom Alvor in Portimao, Portugal.

6. The Parlour Irish Bar

This is one of those classic bars you know and love but with an Irish twist. The Parlour Irish Bar features live music to keep you nice and entertained while you enjoy drinks, a snack or a hearty meal! Their menu includes a variety of options for both food and drink and their service promotes interaction and comfort. This bar is loved by locals and tourist the same as its Irish charm transcends origins and nationalities, planting a little bit of Shamrock essence into everyone who visits!

7. Bolan Bar

This Reggae-inspired bar is all about good music and quality drinks delivered in a laid-back and fun atmosphere. Even though it is a Portuguese joint, the Bolan Bar is known for its great execution of the Brazilian drink, Caipirinhas. The sweet and fruity drink is only but one option of a long menu of food and beverages of all kinds! The fun and colorful bar features a wall where every visitor is welcome to leave a little message for everyone to read and leave their mark forever in the walls of Bolan. 

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