Bars in Lagos Portugal

Today we are here to recommend our favourite bars in Lagos Portugal. There is an excellent choice of watering holes in Lagos which include local bars and international ones. Don’t miss out on my favourite – Dog Town!

1. Beer & Co

This place is a Jack of all Trades. They have singularly amazing dishes that any visitor can taste as they enjoy a lager, an ale, or any classic cocktail of their preference. They also offer hand-crafted beer and take pride in their own brewed creations. This modern style bar comes together with great service, delicious food and amazing drinks! In addition to the friendly environment created by their team members – Bringing smiles and fun to everyone who goes through the door! The combination of delicious smells along with the friendly laughs of the people echoing around the joint make Beer & Co one of the best places to visit in Lagos! 

2. DogTown

They have the perfect combo: Their exquisite hand made pizzas and the perfect, most well-balanced cocktails in Lagos, Portugal! The industrial style decorations contrast well with the deliciously made pizzas, resulting in one of the best Italian bars and restaurants in the area. They welcome tourists and locals and cater to everyone’s needs with a menu that has an item for all likes and preferences! The DogTown space is humble, warm, cozy and inviting. It’s a great place to share time with your friends while you enjoy tasty food and a soul warming drink! 

3. Fusion Bar

Like the name says, Fusion Bar is all about taking different elements from all places and cultures and putting them together in a melting pot of flavors and sensations to delight their visitors in the best way possible! Even though it is a small bar in the center of Lagos, it is one of the best places to go to when you’re in the area, since they really focus on providing the best quality ingredients for their drinks. They marry it perfectly well with a flawless execution and an exceptional service. Fusion Bar welcomes people from all walks of life and encourages them to sit down and enjoy a drink while they share a priceless moment of fun and human connection!

4. Amuras Bar de Lagos

Amuras Bar de Lagos

Overlooking the marina, Amuras Bar offers the opportunity to enjoy a cold beverage on a sunny day while you look into the waters of Portugal and take in every bit of their seaside culture. Amuras is definitely not your regular, boring bar – it is much more than a simple food & beverages joint. This bar unites locals and tourists while providing them with a service that makes everybody feel like home. Their menu includes many options for dishes as well as specialty drinks that are unique and made to order. And of course they also have the usual cocktails, beers and spirits! Amuras is all about the Marina experience and the friendly, fun, inclusive environment that they create to make it a perfect place to visit while you’re in Lagos!

5. Yacht Club Cafe Bar

If the combination of sandy toes, delicious food and alcoholic drinks sounds good to you, the Yacht Club Cafe Bar is the place for you! Enjoy cocktails right by the shore as the sea breeze caresses your face and delights you! This beachy seaside Cafe & Bar offers many different dishes along with all kinds of drinks both alcoholic and non. Ask for your favorite drink  and taste their Portuguese flavors while consuming their food and washing it down with ales, beers, spirits and cocktails of excellent quality! If you’re looking for a great atmosphere, good food, satisfactory drinks and an amazing overall experience when you visit Lagos, The Yacht Club is without a doubt one of the best places you can pick.

6. Bon Vivant

Bon Vivant

Located in the heart of Lagos, Bon Vivant brings an eclectic styled restaurant and bar with five different levels of fun. The top level features a rooftop terrace where people can enjoy drinks and food while they overlook the beautiful Lagos. The Bon Vivant staff and owners pride themselves in beautifully crafted cocktails and drinks and provide their guests with the best of the best. The five different tiers allow locals and tourists the privilege of choosing which level best suits their needs and style as guests and helps accommodate people from all over the world within their walls! 

7. Little Break Fast

Now, you may be thinking to yourself “What does a breakfast joint offer for someone who just wants to drink?” and we answer that question simply: Everything. The Little Break Fast not only exceeds all expectations by performing flawlessly in executing breakfast dishes, but they also excel in creating specialty drinks and cocktails that tickle the fancy for those with a taste for stronger drinks. Their drink menu is filled with alcoholic options that enchant and delight the taste buds of locals and tourists alike! If you want to visit a place that breaks that beachy seaside cliche in Lagos while keeping the quality high, this is your best bet. 

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