The Best Praia da Luz hotels

If you’re planning for a stunningly beautiful and relaxing vacation to Portugal, you have a lot to look forward to. Beautiful beaches, mountainside views, balmy weather, fresh seafood, and natural hot springs- Portugal offers so many bountiful experiences that one and all can enjoy. The best part about traveling to Portugal is that your trip can be customized to so many budgets, so whether you’re ready to spend lots of money or trying to be cost efficient, you’re sure to discover just how enjoyable your experience will be while staying within the budget you want to spend. 

What are the Best Praia da Luz hotels?

Praia de Luz is a beautiful province within Portugal that boasts many of the best parts of Portugal, including beach views, balmy weather, and beautiful surrounding nature. It features good food, great tourist attractions, and many relaxing and perfect locations to stay at. When you’re preparing for your trip to Praia de Luz, look into these hotels or guest houses and choose from among the best accommodations in Praia de Luz for the best hotel you can find to make your stay delightful.

Quinta Do Mar – Country and Sea Village

Quinta Do Mar

Quaint, local, and thoroughly hospitable, the Quinta Do Mar is a fantastic and centrally located hotel in Praia da Luz that offers exceptional service and rest for tourists or visitors to Luz. Boasting free internet access, refrigeration, air conditioning, a kitchenette, and a breakfast buffet, Quinta Do Mar offers all the benefits of a full service hotel while still remaining locally owned and operated and central to the Luz experience. Relax after a long day of sightseeing in their beautiful pool or walk to a nearby restaurant to enjoy some after hours drinks before heading back to your room.

Hotel Belavista da Luz

Another beautiful seaside hotel with stunning views of the city, the Hotel Belavista is designed to provide maximum pleasure and luxury to its visitors. Close to so many beautiful beaches and mountains and less than an hour away from local airports, this is the perfect stayover for the short-term visitor or someone here for a relaxing local time. Many old cities and ruins are nearby, making this centrally located for tourist attractions, and the full-service facilities of the Hotel Belavista include television, tea and coffee service, wi-fi, heated pools, a tennis court, a gym, a health club, and a private game room for a complete hotel experience.

Luz Beach Apartments

A stunning beachside apartment, these offer independent stays that can be personalized to your needs and sit right on the water for a beautiful ocean view. Amenities include air conditioning, bottled water, microwaves, kitchenettes, refrigerators, a safe, and a television for your comfort and enjoyment as well as immediate access to public and private beaches. Luz Beach Apartments are also centrally located to the city, meaning it’s easy to get anywhere from your apartment, and there’s also a shuttle bus service available. Enjoy wifi and bicycle rental for the final touch to this full service hotel locale.

Vilamar Hotel

Vilamar Hotel

A top-rated hotel for 2020, the Vilamar Hotel is luxurious, affordable, and elegant, making it the perfect place to stay on your resting trip. Rest and rejuvenation is so easy to enjoy at the Vilamar because of its family-friendly and relaxation-friendly environment that’s also centrally located to great restaurants and tourist attractions. Your guest room features many amenities, including refrigerators and air conditioning, and there’s free-wifi catered to all rooms. You will have access to free parking here and a hotel pool and lounge for even more relaxation. The staff can recommend many other local attractions to visit and you will have a full service experience you can’t help but fall in love with.

Porto Dona Maria Golf & Resort

For the leisure and luxury athlete, Porto Dono Maria Golf & Resort offers the best of both worlds for travelers. Offering private villas and hotel style settings, Porto Dono is a full-service resort with elegant and luxurious amenities. Enjoy free parking, full-service breakfast, an ocean-side pool, indoor play areas for children, available babysitting, bicycle rental, and a delicious poolside bar and lounge as well as a resort hotel. You can also enjoy plenty of activities on the grounds of the resort, including a golf course, horseback riding, billiards, hiking, mini golf, fishing, and even more game rooms. You can enjoy sun, rest, and all kinds of relaxation at the Porto Dono that’s perfect for families and young couples.

Baia da Luz

Located less than a kilometer from the Praia de Luz beach, Baia de Luz boasts private apartments for guests that are stunning modern facilities that are full service and perfect for couples or families. Enjoy private balconies, two swimming pools, tennis courts, and a children’s playground, as well as a poolside bar and authentic Italian cuisine. Wifi, babysitting, and laundry services are all available to you, as are car and bicycle rental services. Baia de Luz is within walking distance of many of Luz’s local attractions and shops, and transportation can easily be arranged to further away destinations for the perfect connection to Luz.

Waterside Village

Private accommodations take on a whole new luxurious level with the Waterside Village. Featuring private pools, sea views, and a personal patio, the Waterside Village is the perfect air-conditioned accomodation for couples. Televisions, hot tubs, baths, and showers can all be found within your individual apartments, and a terrace and golf course are both available within close proximity to your village. It’s located closely to the local airport and is within walking distance to the beach, making it a great and relaxing centrally located stay in Luz.

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