Things to do in Braga

Hoping to explore the architectural heritage of medieval Braga? Want to find out the time-tested recipe for Tarta de Nata? Or just looking for a relaxing way to spend your weekend in Portugal’s oldest city?

Come explore the most interesting things to do in Braga! This article will give you tips on how to eat, drink, and even sleep in this beautiful town.

Things to do in Braga

Churches of Braga

Church of Sao Paulo

If you’re interested in architecture, you simply must see the church of São Paulo. This is just one of the best examples of Romanesque architecture in all of Europe. In addition to its stunningly beautiful design, this building is also very tall. At its top, there is a bell tower that can be climbed for an amazing view of Braga.

Se de Braga

Se de Braga

Historic Town Centre

Aside from visiting the churches, you should spend some time walking around the old town centre. Braga’s historic quarter has some truly amazing buildings and it is surrounded by a wall that dates back to the Middle Ages.

Rua do Souto

Rua do Souto

Rua do Souto is the most famous street in Braga. It connects two landmarks of the city: “Arco da Porta Nova” one of the ancient points of entry in the city and the “Praça da República”, with it’s fountain and famous coffee shops. It’s apedestrian street with lots of shops, restaurants and coffee places.

When to visit Braga

Braga is a city with an optimum climate. It doesn’t get as hot or cold as other places in the country, so you won’t have any trouble enjoying yourself, regardless of the season. Spring and autumn are great times to go, because many events happen during those months.

Where to Stay in Braga

If you’re looking for a wonderful place to sleep while you’re in Braga, do yourself a favour and stay at Pousada de Santa Maria. Located near the historical centre, this pousada is full of character. To be able to stay here, you must book your room before arriving.

The rooms have private bathrooms and telephones, as well as wood-beamed ceilings. The friendly staff is also available to look after your needs. Finally, you’ll enjoy the high-quality breakfast that is included in the room price.

Eating out in Braga

The most traditional restaurant in Braga is called Tasca da Esquina. You might have to wait a little for a table, since there are usually lots of people here at all hours of the day, but trust me: it’s worth it! The menu has many traditional Portuguese dishes as well as international ones. A bottle of port wine always makes for a great accompaniment to whatever dish you order.

I love the Bolo de Bacalhau (salted cod fish cake) with mashed potatoes, and I always make sure to leave enough room for the Tarta de Nata. This rich egg tart is absolutely delicious! If you order it at breakfast time, you’ll get a huge slice served with coffee or tea.

With all of this and more, Braga has plenty to offer any traveller. Enjoy this wonderful city!

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