Restaurants in Braga

Braga is a beautiful city in Northern Portugal, known for its religious devotion, historical buildings and gardens. Today’s article is about the best Restaurants in Braga.

It also has a lot to offer in terms of food with some fantastic restaurants. They offer everything whether you’re looking for traditional Portuguese food or more contemporary offerings. Here are 7 of the top restaurants in Braga:

Top 7 Restaurants in Braga

Casa de Pasto das Carvalheiras

This eatery is certainly colourful and eye-catching. It features a long bar offering a variety of drinks. The food on offer here is weekly changing pratinhos (small plates) featuring dishes like codfish confit with bok choy and noodles. The price ranges from €9 to €12 depending on the number of dishes you choose. It’s a great affordable option, if you’d like the opportunity to try smaller portions of several different dishes!

Taberna Velho Tempos

This rustic vibed, wood beamed tavern serves traditional Portuguese soul food such as bacalhau com natas (baked codfish with potatoes and cream) or arroz de pato com pinhao (rice with duck and pine nuts). The mains range from €7.50 to €11. The portions are HUGE, so unless you’re extremely hungry, you could easily get away with ordering a half portion, making it even cheaper!


This restaurant is owned by a lovely couple who have created a real funky, vintage theme! The main plus of this restaurant is their fantastic, cheap lunch deal, where for only €5 you can get a main, bread and a coffee! For only €1 more you can even add some soup! The flavour changes every day. If going for dinner, their mains range from €9 to €12, with a variety of offerings such as fish dishes, chicken and vegetarian options.


This can be a difficult spot to get a seat, it’s rather small, with a narrow interior and tables outside, but it’s well worth a try! Their dishes change daily and there is always an amazing range of options to choose from such as duck rice, rolled veal and there’s always a fresh fish dish every day! The prices range from €6.50 to €9 so affordable too!

Cozinha da Sé

A beautiful mix of contemporary artwork against exposed brick walls awaits you at this restaurant. While the interior mixes old and new, the food is definitely traditional Portuguese. The best two options on the menu are the baked bacalhau (dried salt cod) and the acorda de marisco (seafood stew in a bread bowl). The prices are a little more expensive here with mains ranging from €10 to €18 but once you’ve tasted what this restaurant has to offer, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s worth every penny!

Pecado da Se

A relatively new, modern little hideaway not far from Braga’s cathedral. This restaurant mixes traditional home style Portuguese cooking with more contemporary culinary influences. Grilled pork, fried chicken and picanha (steak) are all on offer at this restaurant. They offer a set all-inclusive lunch menu for €10, otherwise mains are priced between €10 to €17, so a little on the pricier side.


If you’re looking for some classy, fine dining, this is a great choice! This restaurant offers beautiful takes on some Portuguese classics, with meat and seafood dishes being their specialty. It offers a non-set menu which varies in accordance to what fresh produce they have each day. It is set in a beautiful 19th century building, near a statue honouring Pope John Paul II. The price is approx €10.90 per person.

Dona Julia

What sets this restaurant apart is its three separate eating areas, each giving a very different vibe! There’s a modern room, with champagne bottles decorating the walls, then upstairs you have a room with a lovely rustic vibe and for a cosy vibe, there’s also the red room! All rooms offer traditional food served in the traditional style clay bowls. This can include fried octopus cakes and fried goat with potatoes and of course the traditional cod seem on nearly every restaurant menu in the area! The terrace area is particularly nice to sit at and gives amazing views. This is a pricey options with the cost of a meal for two ranging from €30 to €60.


Last but not least is Brac. This is a well known culinary hotspot in Braga! If you’re just looking for something light you can enjoy a seat at the bar with some entradas (appetisers). If you’re looking for something more substantial, then you can make your way through to the stunning stone columned dining room. There is an all-you-can eat Buffet on offer, which is €9-€12.50 Monday to Saturday and €19.50 on Sundays. If you choose to go here a must try dish is their Brazilian style moqueca, a seafood stew – it’s always a hit! The front terrace, overlooking the lovely leafy park is the best place to bag a seat here! 

These are just 7 of some of the delicious offerings Braga has in the restaurant scene! I’m sure you’ll agree, there’s something to suit everyone, regardless of what you’re looking for and your price range.

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